The Best Super Bright Flashlights

The Best Super Bright Flashlights

When you are looking for the best super bright flashlight, there is a lot of choices. From compact tactical style to the larger box-shaped flashlights, there is bound to be something just right for you. It does depend heavily on what you need the flashlight for. In this article, we’ve looked at a selection of styles, from compact to box, from water-resistant to fully submersible.

For features and quality, our choice for the best super bright flashlight is the Sofirn C8F. It’s compact and will fit in your pocket, yet offers a bright 3500-lumen beam and comes in a fully waterproof body.

Our Selection of The 10 Best Super Flashlights:

Below we list and review the 10 best super bright flashlights currently on the market.

1. Sofirn C8F 3500 Lumen 4000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Lightweight
  • Brightness modes
  • IPX8 waterproof rating


  • Price

If you are looking for a powerful yet compact flashlight, then the Sofirn C8F might be just the one for you. With a super bright 3500 lumen adjustable beam, and some super features at a reasonable price, it makes a great buy.

Made from lightweight aluminum, the C8F weighs just 200 grams without the battery but is still strong and durable, and at only six inches long it’s very compact.

You turn the flashlight on using the tail button and step through multiple modes using a side-mounted switch. Along with four brightness modes, there is also a strobe mode, and a ramping mode from one lumen right up to 3500 lumens. In Moonlight mode, the flashlight can run for up to 23 days.

The only real downside is the price, which is relatively high, but you get a lot for your money.

2. Supglaz Q67 Super Bright 6000 Lumen 9000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Good price
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Excellent battery life
  • Rechargeable


  • Limited beam modes

Supglaz’s Q67 is a mid-range brightness 6000-lumen flashlight at a good price. It offers some good features at this pricing point and offers a long battery life even when on full power.

In high mode, the 6000-lumen beam can reach up to 2600 feet and last for around eight to ten hours. Choose the low setting of 1000 lumen and the battery is good for up to 30 hours. 

With a waterproof rating of IPX5, it’s perfect for outdoor use, it is supplied with a shoulder strap and the battery can be used as an emergency supply for your smartphone if required. The Q67 lightweight LED flashlight also features a stand for convenient hands-free use.

3. GEPROSMA Super Bright 6000 Lumen 10 000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Spotlight and floodlight features
  • IPX6 waterproof rating


  • None

This 6000 lumen flashlight from Geprosma has some useful and interesting features. Along with the powerful spotlight with a range of up to almost 2500 feet, they also include a very bright floodlight on the side. Also on the side is an emergency strobe light that flashes red/blue. This is great for lighting up a camping area or inside a room during a power outage.

With a pistol style grip for comfortable use, the flashlight can be stood upright to use the floodlight or even mounted to a tripod (not supplied). Inside are four rechargeable batteries, giving 10,000 Mah of power, that can also be used to charge your cell phone if needed. 

Made from aluminum alloy and with a waterproof rating of IPX6, this is a great flashlight for a camping trip or keeping as an emergency light source.

4. Woputne 10 000 Lumen 9000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Compact size
  • Very powerful 10000 lumen
  • Price


  • Only water resistant
  • Built-in battery

The super bright and compact Woputne offers a 10,000-lumen spotlight, giving a clear white beam that can reach up to 1600 feet. The beam has four selectable modes; high, medium, low, and strobe. Charging is through a Type C USB connector, where you’ll also find a power indicator and power LED. Charging takes around eight hours and once charged will give several days of use in low-power mode. 

With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the flashlight is water-resistant, so great for camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor uses. The aluminum body design features a comfortable knurling pattern for great grip in all conditions. The Woputne is an excellent value for money flashlight.

5. XLENTGEN XHP70 8000 Lumen 6000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Very bright
  • Price
  • Adjustable beam focus


  • Only three beam modes
  • Only water resistant

The XLENTGEN FL_1907_2BA is another compact but powerful flashlight, with a super bright 8000-lumen beam. The beam has three settings, high, low, and strobe, which is stepped through in sequence. The beam can be easily focussed using the sliding cap to give either long-distance or a floodlight effect.

Charging is through a convenient USB socket, allowing the flashlight to be charged from almost anywhere, and a power indicator shows the current level of charge. Charging time is around six hours from fully flat.

They do not claim a waterproof rating for the XLENTGEN, but with rubber seals in place, it is water-resistant, so fine for outdoor use. For a powerful flashlight at a great price, this could be hard to beat.

6. DiKoMo 90 000 Lumen 3200mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Extremely bright
  • Zoomable beam


  • Only IPX4 rating, so not waterproof
  • Lumen rating is overstated, but it’s still a very powerful flashlight

With a claimed 90,000 lumen output, this is one of the most powerful flashlights on the market. Of course, using that power will very quickly flatten the battery, so there is a low power mode to extend battery life. But all that power is useless without control, and the DiKoMo offers a sliding telescopic zoom facility. Simply slide the lamp housing in or out to adjust the zoom level.

The flashlight body is made from aero grade aluminum, with an anodized coating for protection and knurling for good grip. The strong body makes the flashlight impact-resistant, but with only an IPX4 rating, it’s not waterproof. Fine for general outdoor use, but if you drop it in water, it probably won’t survive.

7. BIGSUN Bright 6000 Lumen 9000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Long battery life
  • Can be used to charge your cell phone


  • The main beam isn’t zoomable
  • Can’t be charged by USB
  • Built-in battery

The Bigsun is another of the larger style flashlights but offers some useful features that make up for the size. A large battery is supplied, allowing the Bigsun to continue working for up to 36 hours between charges. A significant feature when you don’t have access to mains power.

The main beam is not zoomable, but you can switch the power between high and low. On the side of the lamp is a floodlight, perfect for illuminating a campsite or workspace.

A useful feature is the ability to mount the Bigsun on a tripod, allowing hands-free use.

8. T6 XHP90 6000 Lumen 3000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Super bright 6000 lumens
  • Charges via USB
  • Adjustable zoom
  • Five light modes


  • Not waterproof

Built from military-grade aluminum, the XHP90 is extremely durable and strong and packs a powerful 6000 lumen LED. It offers five brightness modes, from full power down to 50%, flash, or SOS. The beam focus is easily adjusted using the sliding lamp cover, going from fully focussed to floodlight mode.

Two rechargeable batteries are supplied and charging is easy through the USB socket. Achieving the IPX65 waterproof standard means it is resistant to water but not waterproof, so it’s okay for camping, but not diving.

In full power mode, the beam can reach up to 1500 feet or more, while the 50% mode will extend battery life for days. A power level indicator keeps you informed of the current battery charge.

9. GOODSMANN 4500 Lumen 6000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Bright 4500 lumens
  • Charges via USB or car charger
  • Submersible


  • Price
  • Built-in battery
  • Fixed focus beam

This is the most expensive flashlight in our review by far, but it is a genuine submersible item, so that alone may make it worth the price. The unit is built of a mix of materials, including ABS, rubber, and aluminum, making it strong and waterproof.

The Goodsmann is designed as a spotlight and the beam is not adjustable, but you can switch the brightness between high, low, and SOS modes. The flashlight is supplied with two powerful rechargeable batteries, a car charger adapter, and a USB charger. On top of the unit is a folding stand and hanging hook for convenient hands-free use. 

The Goodsmann comes complete with a carry case.

10. VOLADOR DF60 6000 Lumen 5000mAh Rechargeable LED Flashlight


  • Fully waterproof to IPX8 standard – up to 150m depth
  • Super bright 6000-lumen beam
  • Four light modes


  • Price

The Volador is another fully submersible flashlight, but this one is more compact than the Goodmanns. It meets the IPX8 waterproof rating standard and has been designed for scuba divers needs.

Supplied with two rechargeable batteries, the Volador can run at full power for up to two hours or up to 15 hours on the low setting. You select the four brightness modes using the rotary switch close to the lamp head.

Although designed as a diving flashlight, the high build quality, using military-grade aluminum means the DF60 can be used anywhere and will last for years. This is a fully-featured quality flashlight, but it comes at a price.

Flashlight Buyers Guide

It’s fair to say that there is a vast range of shapes, sizes, and brightness on the flashlight market. This is great for you, the customer, as there is surely something that fits your needs perfectly, but can also make deciding difficult. We hope our brief guide helps you find the ideal flashlight for your needs.

Types of Flashlight

There are basically two dominant styles, the “tactical” and the more traditional square style with a handle. With the advent of LED’s that give so much more light, but require less power, flashlights have reduced in size.

The older square style flashlights still have their place because they are easy to set up on built-in stands or attach to a tripod. But for most uses, the smaller lighter tactical style would be ideal. The other big advantage of the square style is that they can accommodate larger batteries, which means longer periods between charges.

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but one will suit your needs.


The brightness or light output used to be measured in watts, but since introducing LED’s, manufacturers have switched to quoting the brightness in lumens.

To put it into context, a 60-watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to around 800 lumens, and a 100-watt bulb is around 1300 lumens. The figures are not exact, as the incandescent bulbs can vary in brightness depending on their design. This makes lumens a much better measurement to use, as it is consistent, regardless of the bulb type.

Manufacturers claim to have an LED that produces 100,000 lumens, but at this level, the flashlight needs specialist cooling systems to avoid overheating. More realistic lumen levels for super-bright flashlights are up to about 10,000. Anything above 1,000 lumens is getting into the super bright category.

Size and Weight

For outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, then the size and weight become an important factor. Luckily, modern tactical flashlights have been shrinking in size while also increasing the brightness they offer.

Of course, as the brightness of the flashlight increases, the length of time a particular size of battery can power it reduces. This is where the more traditional shaped flashlights come in, with larger batteries, but of course more weight.

Before choosing your new flashlight, decide what you want to use it for, and pick a size and weight that matches.


Manufacturers generally make flashlights from two types of material, either aluminum or plastic. Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

Let’s look at aluminum first. It is a strong, lightweight alloy of metals that will resist knocks and bangs well. Drop an aluminum flashlight and it may pick up a dent, but that’s all.

On the other hand, plastic can be quite brittle, although manufacturers will add rubber protective edging to protect it in a fall. Dropping a plastic flashlight may end up in a cracked case.

If you are using the flashlight for outdoor activities, then the aluminum versions will be more durable.

Battery Life

The first thing to consider is if the battery is removable or not. Some manufacturers build the battery into the body of the flashlight, and once the battery is dead, so is the flashlight. That said, most rechargeable batteries have a working life of 1000 charges or more. So if you charge the battery once a week, it will last around 20 years. That’s more than enough for most people! 

The battery life on your flashlight between charges depends on a number of factors:

  • The capacity of the battery
  • How often you use the flashlight
  • Which mode you use the flashlight in

A compact flashlight, running in high power mode producing 2000 lumens, for example, will probably last for around two hours. The same flashlight running in low power mode, producing 100 lumens, will last around ten times as long.

Some flashlights have a moonlight mode, where they only produce a few lumens. In this mode, the battery could last for days quite easily.

The manufacturer will produce a guide to battery life.

LED Life

Modern LED’s have working lives that can extend up to 50,000 hours of use. One of the biggest advantages of LED’s is that they are not as easily susceptible to damage as incandescent bulbs are, so dropping the flashlight is less likely to affect the LED. Check the type of LED fitted and check the manufacturer’s website, but in most cases, the LED will outlive the life of the flashlight.

Waterproof and dust rating

Depending on the use of the flashlight, the waterproof rating may be important. The IP rating chart gives guidance on how dust and waterproof an object is. 

IP stands for Ingress Protection, and there are usually two numbers, for example, IP 56.

The first digit refers to protection against solid particles, such as dust. The rating goes from 0 to 6,with 0 being unprotected and 6 being dustproof.

The second digit refers to protection against liquid ingress. The range is from 0 to 8, with 0 being unprotected and 8 meaning suitable for continuous immersion in water. The depth to which the protection works will be specified by the manufacturer.

You may see the rating written as IPX8. In this instance, the object has not been rated for dust protection but has a rating of 8 for water ingress.


Choosing the best super bright flashlight is a balance act of weight, size and function. As you can see from our brief article, there are many variations.

What we can’t deny, is that the development of LED flashlights has allowed manufacturers to produce super bright flashlights in very small packages. Choosing any of the above and you won’t be disappointed by the brightness compared to flashlights from just a few years ago.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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