CamelBak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle Review

Camelbak Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles hold plenty of advantages over standard water bottles. The most obvious is how they regulate the temperature of your drink, hot or cold. The bottle keeps it at the temperature you put the liquid in there, for several hours. They’re also environmentally friendly by cutting down on wastage.

Camelbak insulated water bottles are up there with the best in the market.

Is CamelBak a Good Brand?


CamelBak is one of the world leaders in outdoor equipment. Their hydration products are very popular and they’ve even been used to supply US troops. Their products are made with people in mind, here are a few examples:

  • The CamelBak Chute Water Bottle boasts a magnetic cap for ease of use.
  • The CamelBak Kids Water Bottle comes in bright colors and designs. This makes them a perfect option for children to take to school.
  • The CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle will keep your cold drink to a chilled temperature for hours. Even after you open and pour.

Camelbak water bottles are perfect for people on the move. This is a company that’s so confident of its products, they offer a lifetime guarantee if they fail to perform.

Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle Features

Camelbak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle
Size10.8 x 4 x 3.2 inches
Capacity20 fl oz
Weight9.4 oz
MaterialBPA-Free Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester
Camelbak Insulated Water Bottle Specs

The CamelBak insulated water bottle is ideal for many situations. Such as the gym, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling, running, or simply traveling. This is the perfect water bottle to keep you hydrated and feeling energetic while on the move.


CamelBak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle Insulation

Having a top-quality water bottle to carry around with you is vital for your health. When you’re out and about running off energy, you need to stay hydrated. More so if you’re an active person. With the CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle, you’re guaranteed that your drink will remain fresh. With double-walled sides, it keeps the water at the same temperature as when you filled it up. Even on a hot summer’s day.

Cap and Bite Valve

CamelBak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle

The presence of a cap and bite valve on the CamelBak eddy insulated water bottle allows for easy access to a cool refreshing drink when you need it. Simply bite the valve to release it, and then sip the fast flow of liquid to keep you hydrated. It’s durable too, so you won’t damage it with your teeth. Nor will you harm your teeth in the process.

Most typical water bottles cause you to pull hard at the release, or even rotate the cap to get at the water. A motion that completely interrupts your flow of activity as you drink, particularly if you’re on the move. This will never happen with a CamelBak water bottle.

Integrated Loop Handle

Another premium feature of this unique product is the integrated loop handle. This is most convenient, making it easy to grip and keep a hold of, even during strenuous exercise. Your water bottle won’t slip from your grasp, not even while you’re on the go. Though, if you do drop it, you won’t lose any precious water. This water bottle is designed to be spill-proof.

Camelbak Water Bottle FAQs

Why would you use a water bottle that’s difficult to use?

Well, you don’t have to with the sleek CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle. Take it anywhere, safe in the knowledge that it’s easy to carry around and drink from, whilst on the move.

How Does The Camelbak Water Bottle Insulation Work?

The CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle uses a vacuumed double-wall insulation. This regulates the temperature of the liquid inside. It also prevents the water from warming-up, even if the ambient temperature is high. There are factors help to keep your water colder, for much longer than any standard water bottle:

Molecules from the outside can change the temperature if they get inside. Such excellent insulation stops them from contact with the water, keeping them trapped between the two layers.

The material used to make this water bottle doesn’t conduct heat very well. This is a good thing as it means it takes longer for the water to be affected by the air temperature on the outside.

How to Clean a Camelbak Water Bottle?

This insulated water bottle is dishwasher safe. Place the bottle on the top rack, and the bite valve and straw in the utensil area.

You can also clean this insulated water bottle with soapy water:

  • Fill with soapy water and fasten the lid in place.
  • Shake the bottle up and down so the soapy water rotates around the entire insides of the water bottle.
  • Scrub the cap separately with a toothbrush, as bacteria can build up in the crevices.
  • Pull off the bite valve and straw from the cap and use a toothbrush to scrub at the cap. This motion provides a deep clean for your mouthpiece.
  • Once cleaned, place the piece back on.

Every now and then, fill the water bottle with a couple of tablespoons of white, or cider, vinegar. Fill up with water and leave it to soak overnight.

Cleanliness is vital for your drinking water. CamelBack provides a great video so you can be confident your water bottle stays bacteria-free.

How to Open a Camelbak Water Bottle?

One of the premium features that the CamelBak Insulated water bottle offers, is the cap and bite valve. This is what makes the bottle easily accessible for drinking from, even while on the move. All you need to do is flip it up, bite, and sip. No need to tip the bottle either. The material is BPA free, so you know it’s safe to put it in your mouth. The design is spill-proof, even if you’re lying down.


There’s no doubting that the CamelBak eddy Insulated Water Bottle is a top quality product. You will find no better product when partaking in physical activities that make you thirsty.

If you plan for a long day’s trail hiking then take along a good lightweight backpack too. Try the Venture Pal, which we reviewed earlier this year.  If you’ve never hiked before, or you wish to enhance your hiking skills, have a read of this beginner’s guide to hiking to get you started.

Or, if you’re going out camping, then why not use a cooler to store fresh water. The RTIC 20 is ideal for such a job,

There are always cheaper water bottles, such as the Bubba Flo duo range. But, don’t expect that great spill-proof feature of the CamelBak, the Bubba Flo doesn’t have it.

Instead, take along your CamelBak, knowing you can benefit from all the useful from features, such as:

  • The integrated loop handle making it easy to carry.
  • The cap and bite valve, so you can drink on the move, even when running.
  • The simple but effective insulation that will keep your drink cold for hours.

Use a bottle that is easy to clean, and made from safe materials. It makes good sense to own such a great accessory for an active and healthy lifestyle.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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