The 5 Best 12 Person Tents

Best 12 Person Tent

If you’re part of a group that enjoys the great outdoors, then you must try camping. If you’re going with a large party, then it makes sense to consider a tent that sleeps up to 12 people.

This means you don’t have to erect lots of smaller tents. You can all be together on the same pitch and enjoy one another’s company whilst on your vacation. In these larger 12-person tents, there’s plenty of space to sleep comfortably. You’ll still get a good night’s sleep, and can wake up refreshed and ready to explore your surroundings.

The 5 Best Selling 12 Person Tents

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling 12 person tents currently for sale on This list is automatically updated daily.

There’s something very special about camping. You’ll soon be building up some memorable encounters on your outdoor holidays. In these extra-large 12-person camping tents, you can make those memories together.

The 5 Best 12 Person Tents:

Our 5 reviews on 12- person tents should cover all your needs. From ambient lighting, to open mesh ceilings for stargazers, you are sure to make those holiday memories.

1. Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Prescott 12 Person 3-Season Family Cabin Tent
Dimensions31.6 x 11 x 10.5 inches (packed)
Height6 feet 5 inches at its highest
Weight31.6 Pounds

With 200 square feet, which equates to a floor space of 20 x 10 feet, you can be confident that up to 12 people can sleep comfortably in this 12-person camping tent. Not only will it be roomy enough at full capacity to lay down, but with a high point of 6ft 5in, then you know even the tallest of people will be able to stand upright with ease. Allowing for such a generous height means there will be no craning your neck or crouching of your back to move around.

This amazing tent can be used as one large shared area, or you can fit the divider which splits the tent into two separate rooms, one being one-third of the area and the other two thirds. This 12-person tent is easy to assemble with light and flexible fiberglass poles that have shock-cords running through.

Shock cords are the elastic that runs through the poles making sure they stay together. Should they break, it’s worth fixing them so you don’t become confused when erecting the tent. It’s easy to do simply by following these instructions and well worth the effort.

The tent itself is made of 190T polyester that has been treated with 1200mm of specialist coating for water and UV-light resistance, this is a durable and reliable fabric for all weathers. The taped seams add extra sealing protection from the rainfall. Added to this the generous guy ropes that will help secure the tent on blustery days.

Once inside the 120gram polyethylene fitted floor is also waterproof so any damp from the ground doesn’t seep in, plus it’s also has fitted floor air vents. The tent fabric is fitted with a mesh roof for that much-needed ventilation with 12 people inside.

Should you wish to leave this open you can gaze at the stars while you go fall asleep. Should it rain, the water is kept out with the rain-fly cover that is pinned down with guy ropes. This design guarantees good airflow for everyone in the tent. There are also 2 large doorways at either side and zippered windows that can be opened up, all with fitted fly screens so no bug bites whilst inside.

Provided with the tent, is a carry bag and all the stakes needed to secure this sturdy tent. You will also get a pole bag to keep the poles separate and safe. Finally, you will be provided with those all-important assembly instructions.

2. Ozark Trail 12-Person Base Camp Tent with Light

Ozark Trail 12-Person Base Camp Tent with Light
Dimensions29.1 x 11.4 x 11.4 inches (packed)
Height7 feet 6 inches at its highest
Weight49.8 Pounds

This 12-person dome tent has a diameter of 16 feet, which is 19.7 meters squared, so that’s ample room for comfort. Note that it’s also extra tall at 7ft 6in, making it one of the tallest domed tents available on the market at present, so should accommodate all heights.

The main feature of this 12-person camping tent has to be the lighting system. On the inside the dimmer controlled string lighting is hung around the dome, creating a great ambiance for those evenings of entertainment. The LED string lights are fitted with a universal power bank with fitted electric cable support, or run them on 3 x D batteries (not supplied).

This dome tent that comes in one complete layer, so there’s no need to fit fly covers. Whilst it is made of polyester, Ozark doesn’t supply any further details of the material but many users are reporting it’s best used only in light rain. Though some suggest it’s worth investing in an outer tarpaulin pinned down with guy ropes, for heavier rain. Whilst the waterproof worthiness of this tent is in doubt, it performs extremely well on windy days.

The frame is made up of 10 fiberglass poles, which makes it a little heavier than the average same sized tent. Don’t worry though, because everything’s color-coded making this a 12-person instant tent. All windows have mesh panels to keep those bugs out and for good ventilation. The windows have closable zippered panels to seal out any rainfall. Added to this are more ventilation panels set out on the floor and ceiling space.

Lots of storage pockets fitted to the walls and even a loop on the ceiling for fitting a further camping lamp if needed. A free-standing dome-shaped tent that comes with 26 steel stakes and a carry bag for transportation.

3. CORE Two Room 12 Person Cabin Tent

CORE Two Room 12 Person Cabin Tent
Dimensions47 x 14 x 3 inches (packed)
Height6 feet 6 inches at its highest
Weight40 Pounds

A 12-person tent that is uniquely designed with ten leg-poles that take only minutes to set up. All poles remain attached when you fold it away, so when it comes to erecting it, the tent simply unfolds.

Once opened out, the legs and lifted and extended until they click. As this happens the tent cover opens up fully erected. All you need to do is secure your 12-person instant tent.

The inner tent has a mesh roof. This means there will be plenty of ventilation circulating around the room. You can also stargaze through the ceiling. if you want to be fully covered, the fly cover sits over the tent, secured by guy ropes.

With an overall large floor space of 18 x 10 feet, you’ll still have ample space in each room, should you decide to use the central room divider. One room as an outer ‘D’ shaped side door in a sidewall. The other room has a full open doorway at the front, so each room can have its own entrance.

Made from 68D polyester, the fabric is treated to be water-resistant. Plus it’s also PU coated for the sun and has a 125gsm PE floor. The seams are welded with specialist tape to reduce the risk of leaks. This 12-person tent is also supplied with 20 x 7inch steel stakes, pre-attached poles, a rain cover, and a storage carry bag for transportation. Plus, there are numerous storage bags fitted on the inside for added comfort.

4. NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person

NTK Super Arizona GT up to 12 Person
Dimensions247.2 x 247.2 x 82.8 inches (set up)
Height6 feet 9 inches at its highest
Weight39.77 Pounds

Made from heavy-duty, double-layered 68D (190T) polyester/taffeta fabric. This 12-person tent also has heat-welded seams. Treated for water resistance and UV protection, so should be good in all types of weather.

A 12-person tent that comes in two parts. That includes the inner tent and a rainfly that goes over the inner tent and is secured with guy lines. Though you can use the tent with or without the rainfly as all the windows have a meshing to keep insects out. The anti-fungus floor material is ideal for keeping out the ground damp.

The Nano-flex, fiber-glass rods are shock-corded with specialist elastic. This means they stay connected for ease of use. When it comes to putting them back together, the poles are all color-coded.

They come with a lifetime guarantee as they are designed specifically by NTK. It also has a detachable room separator if you want separate rooms. The 2 D-shape zippered doorways are situated one at either end.

With a floor space of 20 feet 6-inch x 10 feet 2 inches, there’s plenty of room for camping mattresses for the whole family. A central lantern hanger and plenty of storage pockets to ensure you stay neat and tidy.

5. Skandika Turin 12-Person Tent 3 Rooms

Skandika Turin 12-Person Tent 3 Rooms
Dimensions27.5 x 23.6 feet in floor space when set up
Height6 feet 5.5 inches at its highest
Weight50.7 Pounds

For the final review of our five best 12-person tents, we want to show you a tent that doesn’t have one room, or two, but THREE. Each “bedroom” has a ground space of approx. 6 feet 7 inches x 7 feet 9 inches. This is ample room even for the tallest of people and should fit 4-people inside for sleeping.

Alternatively, the living space between the bedrooms is also large enough to sleep in. With a height of over 6ft 5in in the central living area, this is plenty of room height for most people to stand upright.

The tent has ample windows with fitted blinds. The single entrance doorway and each room entrance have a fitted mesh blind to keep the flying bugs out. With an abundance of air vents, you are guaranteed good ventilation. Each room has a sewn-in groundsheet, but the main room has a removable groundsheet.

The tent material is made of a toughened fabric using 185T polyester that’s both rain and sun treated. With ample storage pockets there is even a protected cable inlet should you want electric supply to the tent. (no cables supplied). There’s also a central hook for hanging a lantern.

Given the shape of this extra-large tent, it can be fiddly to erect and may not be ideal for the beginner. Then again, that’s where most of the fun is, coming together as a team to put up the tent.

What To Look for When Buying a 12 Person Tent


When choosing a tent for your friends and family’s outdoor adventures, you must consider the climate of where you are going on vacation. Make sure the fabric of your tent is up to the trip, such as water and sun treated. Also, take plenty of spare guy ropes and stakes for pinning it down on windy days.

Experienced or Novice

If you’re new to camping, read all the instructions you can find on how to erect a tent before you set off on your trip. There’s nothing more frustrating than standing around scratching your head. Dare you admit that you have no idea how to put up your temporary holiday home?

It might be a good idea to watch a couple of general videos about putting up tents before you go. Often, tent manufacturers or suppliers will provide YouTube videos on how to erect their tents. We’ve included one here on how to put up one of our reviewed tents, the Core 12-person tent. It’s all in the unfolding and it’s fun to watch,

Once you’ve put up your tent, you’ll find it much easier in the future, it’s just getting over that first hurdle. Camping is so much fun, don’t spoil it by not doing a little bit of research before your first trip.

Extra Essentials

Utility Tent

If there’s a large crowd of you gathering on a camping trip, it might be a good idea to take along a shower tent. Read our article of the 5 best shower tents and you’ll soon see why these utility tents are worth every cent.

We’ve also had a look at a 20 quartz cooler box that holds up to 24 cans of beer here. Or, you can also keep food fresh in them for days. Many camping sites have facilities to help you cool your dry ice, or even sell bags of ice cubes. When you’re camping it’s sensible to keep food fresh prior to cooking.


If you’re a novice to camping, don’t worry. Half the fun is the initial struggle. The best memories always seem to be about when things go wrong because when it goes right it’s pretty darn boring! Everyone can huddle together at night time. It’s far more entertaining than everyone going their separate ways.

Finally, we want to give you some tips on what to pack for your great outdoor adventure. Pop along to this useful blog article and learn all the best tricks for packing.

The 5 Best Selling 12 Person Tents

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling 12 person tents currently for sale on This list is automatically updated daily.

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