Martin Parker

Martin Parker

Martin Parker is a freelance content writer with a passion for offshore sailing, snowboarding, camping, and motorcycles. He regularly writes articles and reviews about camping and the outdoors to fund his passions.

Hanging Toiletry Bags for Men

The 5 Best Men’s Hanging Travel Toiletry Bags of 2021

The modern-day man has nearly as many toiletries and grooming tools to carry along with him on his travels as the modern-day woman. If you’re a frequent traveler and a frequent flyer, you’ll know how useful a hanging toiletry bag is...

Best Travel Door Alarms

The 5 Best Travel Door Alarms 2021

When work takes you on constant trips, and you have to stay in hotels a lot, you will probably start to feel like the hotel rooms just aren’t safe enough. With nothing but a locked door between you and the burglar, you will feel like you aren’t...