The Best Reclining Camping Chairs With a Footrest

The Best Reclining Camping Chairs with a Footrest

I have to admit I enjoy going camping, but that doesn’t mean I want to be uncomfortable, so it got me thinking about what makes the best camping chairs with footrests.

To find the best camping chairs, I did a little research on the types of material that are best, ideas for extra comfort, and the flexible features available on the market. Below are some of the best camping chairs with footrests that I could find. There are several designs, simply because everyone has a style that suits them.

Based on durability, function, features, and price, we believe the best reclining camping chair with a footrest is the ANIGU Mesh Camping Chair.

Our Selection of The 10 Best Reclining Camping Chairs with a Footrest:

Below we take an in-depth look at the 10 best reclining camping chairs with a footrest, currently on the market.

1. ANIGU Mesh Reclining Folding Camping Chair with Footrest


  • Price
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable
  • Weight capacity of 260 pounds


  • Some find it difficult to fold down

The Anigu mesh camping chair is the cheapest on our review, available at around $55, but despite that, it offers some outstanding features.

The frame is built using 16 mm steel tubes, which are protected by high-temperature paint. Oxford 600D fabric gives the seat its strength, with elastic mesh in between for breathability and comfort.

Built-in to one of the fabric armrests is a cup holder, and on the other side is a bag for your phone or a magazine.

The chair is very comfortable, with two positions, either sitting up or reclined with your feet up. It’s great for camping when you have limited space, as it folds down to a small size and only weighs 11 pounds.

2. XGEAR 2 in 1 Camping Chair with Footrest


  • Price
  • Flexible design
  • You can use the footrest as a table or stool


  • Moving the backrest into position can be fiddly
  • The chair sits quite low to the ground

The XGEAR 2 in 1 camping chair brings some additional great features at a great price. 

It’s a mesh fabric camping chair that can also be used as a lounger and includes a footrest. But there’s more, as you can swivel the footrest to act as a table or disconnected and used as a stool. Very versatile.

The frame is made of steel, coated in anti-rust, hammer finish paint while they make the seat and back from a strong mesh material, with a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Additional features include a cup holder, and a storage bag attached to the armrests.

3. GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director’s Camping Chair


  • Built-in carry handle
  • Easy fold design
  • Separate footstool/ottoman


  • Price
  • Not as flexible as other designs

Another slightly different design, the GCI Outdoor is a director’s chair style, but you can move the backrest into three different positions. Most director chairs have a fixed back.

Also supplied with the chair is a standalone footrest. GCI calls it an ottoman, but it’s a footstool in reality. Attached to one side is a plastic table with a built-in drinks holder. You can store the ottoman in a pocket on the side of the chair for easy transportation.

The GCI folds down very easily to an almost flat-pack size and includes a built-in carry handle.

Made using a powder-coated steel frame and breathable mesh fabric for the seat and backrest, the GCI can hold a person of up to 250 pounds.

4. Seatopia Camping Recliner Camping Lounge Chair


  • The light weight of just under 10 pounds
  • Price


  • The footrest is fixed in place

The Seatopia is a mix of a mesh camping chair and reclining sunlounger, but works exceptionally well.

Made with an anti-rust painted steel frame and strong 600D Oxford fabric, the chair can support up to 250 pounds. The mesh material of the seat and back are breathable, perfect for those hot sunny days camping.

Built-in to one armrest is a cup holder and on the other side is a mesh pocket for all your valuables, such as cell phone and wallet.

At just under 10 pounds, the chair is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it ideal for camping, beach parties, or in your RV.

5. Yolafe Folding Camping Chair Portable Patio Lounge Chaise


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Sliding headrest
  • Can hold up to 300 pounds


  • Fixed footrest

The Yolafe portable patio chair has been designed as a heavy-duty chair that can hold up to 300 pounds in weight. Using a sturdy steel frame, protected by anti-rust paint, and strong 600D mesh fabric, it was definitely built to last.

The reclining chair is great for camping trips, or other outdoor activities. You can use it as a chair, with the back fully upright or reclined to an angle of 145 degrees as a lounger. The built-in footrest is fixed in place but adds to the comfort.

A sliding headrest completes the comfort, while a cup holder and canvas bag make the chair practical.

6. KingCamp Adjustable 4-Position Patio Chaise Lounge Chair


  • Strong, anodized, steel frame
  • Sliding headrest
  • Can be used as a cot bed


  • The backrest cannot go fully upright

If multiple functions and practicality are your principal reasons for buying a new camping chair, then you probably can’t go too wrong with the KingCamp patio chaise lounge.

You can use the KingCamp as a comfortable chair, a lounger, or even a cot bed. So instead of taking a chair and a bed when you go camping, just take the KingCamp and save space.

Built using a heavy-duty, anodized steel frame, with double bungees attaching the 600D Oxford fabric, it can support up to 265 pounds. There’s no cupholder, but you do get a storage bag and sliding headrest for additional comfort.

7. Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair


  • Price
  • Quality build for the price
  • Lightweight 
  • Weight capacity of 200 pounds


  • Lack of flexibility

Although one of the cheaper chairs on the review, it offers some useful features. The frame is steel and powder-coated for all-weather use and long life. It uses a double bungee support system to secure the seat to the frame, and there is a sliding, padded headrest.

Where you see the cost saving is in the details. There are only plastic armrests instead of wood, and no padding on the seat or backrest. Another drawback is the relatively low weight capacity of 200 pounds, which many people may be over.

All-in-all, despite its shortcomings, the Amazon Basic is a good, comfortable camping chair at a reasonable price.

8. REDCAMP Tanning Lounge Chair for Outside


  • Versatile design
  • Strong construction


  • Low seat back angle

The Redcamp is a slightly different design, but one worth considering for its versatility.

You can use it as a chair, with the back folded up, and the footrest either up or down. But it also quickly converts into a lounger or even a temporary cot bed. This practicality makes it perfect where space is limited.

One downside of the design is that the seat back only has a limited number of positions, so it may not suit everyone as a chair. 

Built with a sturdy aluminum frame and 1680D Oxford fabric, the Redcamp camping chair is built to last, and will support up to 330 pounds.

Overall, a practical and useful camping chair that converts to a bed.

9. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair


  • Bungee suspension
  • Padded seat and back
  • Quality build


  • Price
  • Weight
  • Plastic clips are weak

From just a quick look, you can see that the Phi Villa is a top-quality camping chair. With the fully padded seat and backrest and the double bungee suspension system, it simply looks the part, and the wooden armrests complement the look.

For a more comfortable position, you can recline the chair by up to 170 degrees and it is easily locked in place with a simple clip. A sliding headrest completes the comfort.

Practical elements include a handy side-table with a built-in drinks holder. This is a very easy chair to fold, opening or closing in just seconds.

This is a great chair for camping, by the pool or just relaxing in the garden.

10. PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair


  • Quality materials and build
  • Fully padded
  • Side table
  • Sliding headrest


  • Price

This is the most expensive camping chair in our review, but it has plenty of features to justify the price.

First, it is an oversize chair, so it will not cramp even the largest person, plus it can support up to 350 pounds in weight.

Besides being a chair, the Portal also reclines by 170 degrees for perfect comfort. Talking of comfort, everything has padding, and the seat is supported on bungees that act as suspension.

A side table has a built-in drinks holder, the armrests are made of wood and the whole chair looks high quality. Taking just a few seconds to open or fold down, you’ll be relaxing at your camping site in no time.

This is a camping chair that will last for many years, while still looking good.

What to look for when buying a reclining camping chair with a footrest

What to look for when buying a reclining camping chair with a footrest

If you particularly want a camping chair with a footrest, then you need to decide first if the footrest will be fixed or removable. Fixed footrests tend to make the chair more stable, while removable ones are more practical.

The materials used in the frame and seat

There are two fundamental things to consider here. The frame and the seat/backrest material.

The frame can be either steel or aluminum. Steel is stronger, but heavier, and is also susceptible to rust if not protected. Aluminum is lighter, but not a strong. It can also suffer from corrosion if exposed to the elements.

The most common fabric used is a nylon/polyester mix. It can be either of the breathable style with meshing or solid and padded for extra comfort. In both cases, the materials are very durable if you take a few precautions to protect them.

Dimensions and Weight

If you are tall, say over 6 feet tall, then it would be worth checking the length as many will leave your legs dangling over the end of the footrest. Some chairs are sold as oversize, which means they will wider than standard chairs and they will hold a greater weight.

The downside to the oversize chairs is that they will be much heavier than standard chairs, sometimes twice as heavy.


Footrests come in two types, either fixed or removable. The design may vary slightly, but they mostly have a similar shape and size.

Removable is more practical and fixed gives better stability for the chair.


Price varies widely, depending on the quality of materials and additional features. The very basic reclining camping chairs will start at around $50, but as you improve the strength, and add padding to the seat and backrest, the price increases. Pay for what you know you need. For frequent use over long periods, pay the extra for more comfort. For irregular use on camping trips where weight is more important, buy the cheaper versions with mesh material.


Why do I need a footrest?

Simply for added comfort. I think we’ve all come home from a hard day and put our feet up to relax. It’s comfortable and takes the weight off our legs.

Between fixed and detachable footrest, which one is superior?

For flexibility, then a removable footrest is best. It also means that if you are tall, you can move the footrest to accommodate your feet comfortably. You may not always want to use the footrest, but if it’s fixed, you have little choice. The flip side of this is that the chair is more stable with the footrest attached.

What needs to be done to keep reclining camping chairs in good condition?

They normally make camping chairs out of lightweight materials for ease of carrying. The seat and backrest are normally a fabric material that can fade easily if left in the sun constantly. The fabric should be cleaned occasionally with soapy water or a dedicated fabric cleaner, particularly if it’s used for sunbathing and gets covered in sun cream.

The other part to consider is the frame. Most will be protected by paint, but if they get wet, it’s recommended to dry them thoroughly to prevent rut or corrosion.


You can buy reclining camping chairs with footrests in many designs. The one you choose will depend on what you want to use it for, and whether you need to be able to remove the footrest. If you are going camping with it, then the weight is a factor, if it’s for use in your garden, then comfort will be more important.

Whichever design you go for, remember to check the weight limit of the chair, as this can vary from 240 pounds up to 350 pounds. The other big factor to check is the length of the chair. Having your legs dangling over the end isn’t very comfortable.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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