Husqvarna Ax Review – A Portable Durable Wooden Camping Axe

Husqvarna Axe

If you don’t travel with a portable gas grill, you’ll rely on finding wood to start a fire and boil your water and cook your food. However, you need the right tools to turn the wood you found into usable firewood.

In my experience, I have seen how cold it can be without fire and this forced me to find an ax. The Husqvarna 576926501 19″ Wooden Carpenter’s Axe became one of my favorite tools and since it is lightweight, it can be used for backpacking as well.

We all love quality products and getting the best value for our money. However, people commonly neglect the ax as it is associated with bad things from time to time. We all should have one of these at home as well, but when you need one for camping, you should look at the weight and how portable it will be to carry around.

In this article, I explain my experience with the Husqvarna Axe and how it managed to keep me from freezing on a cold winter’s trip. We also look at many of the key features that you should keep in mind. These features should make a massive difference to your camping trip and could simplify many aspects of the outdoor lifestyle.

Technical Specifications

  • Different sizes range from 13-32 inches depending on your needs
  • Ergonomic handle makes it comfortable in your hands and easy to swing
  • Added leather hedge cover for the protection of the blade
  • Solid attachment with a steel wedge to keep it from breaking when used
  • The blade is really thin, giving you a precise cut
  • Lightweight at only 2.4-pounds
  • Can be carried on the sides of many backpacks
  • Multifunctional cutting tool


If you have never used an ax, this is one of the top options to get you started. It includes many great features for beginners it can cut through virtually anything. I chose the Husqvarna Axe for the weight and it was really simple and easy to carry along on many of my trips. Having a nice holster, made it easier to access and use whenever needed on my backpacking trip.

Previously, my knife was one of the things I heavily relied on for cutting wood, and occasionally, I would need to use a stone to add some force. However, I quickly discovered that the knife can also be damaged and this did not bode well for me. The ax came into play and changed the whole complexion for a better cutting experience.

With a long handle that fits perfectly in your hand, you will have a lot of power and leverage to swing. Even when the wood is wet, I found this ax to do the job and get through the wood. With the thin blade, it seemed possible to flake the wood as well, giving me a nice type of kindling for starting fires when I don’t have any other option.

While it worked well for keeping me warm in cold weather, the ax became something of a staple to use in my home. If you ever need to chop wood for your fireplace, this ax is small and easy to do so without making a massive mess. Various sizes will make it great for carpenters in need of something that cuts through larger chunks of wood with ease.

Finally, I was really surprised by the time the blade remains sharp. Having it remain sharp for so long is pivotal when you are on longer camping trips. However, you should always consider buying a sharpener for the blade or sharpen it with a knife sharpener. It should be taken care of at home. I also advise people to take care of the wood and keep it from completely drying out. You don’t want the ax to break at a bad time.

What We Like

  • Really affordable camping piece
  • Multifunctional for home and outdoor use
  • The blade remains sharp for a significant amount of time
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Made from durable materials that keep it stable
  • Ergonomic handle design fits snug in your hands

What We Didn’t Like

  • The ax needs a lot of care
  • It is cannot be traveled with abroad

Should You Buy It?

If you like local camping as I do, this ax is the ultimate addition to your camping kit. It serves many purposes that the knife might be able to do. It also enables you to keep the knife fully protected and used for important tasks. I believe if you add your own holster, it can be carried on your side, making it possible to use the ax at any time it might be needed.

If you are looking for a budget buy, the Husqvarna Axe is one of your best options. It might be recommended for carpenters, but I constantly use it and I am not in the carpentry industry myself. The basic features as unique and it can be used for all your household chopping outside. If you need a larger blade, Husqvarna also offers different sizes.


Camping and backpacking are one of my ultimate passions. I love being outdoors and staying inside feels depressive at times. If I find a great ax, I am going to test it to the max and the Husqvarna 576926501 19″ Wooden Carpenter’s Axe managed to survive some of these though tests, which means I was drawn to it and would highly recommend it to you.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and encourage you to share some of your thoughts on these axes. Let us know in the comment section if you have ever used the ax and if it did live up to your expectations.

We would love to read some of your intricate and detailed comments. Also, let us know if you have any other suggestions you think we should try out. You should also consider checking out the best tandem kayaks.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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Jean Whitehead

By Jean Whitehead

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