Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent Review

Ozark Trail Tent

Camping is an ideal family activity. It’s a great way to make happy vacation memories on a fun holiday trip. When you put up lots of smaller tents to accommodate the whole family group, it takes up time and space.

It can even increase camping fees, as you sometimes need to pay per tent. Doesn’t it make better sense to use a large Ozark Trail family tent?

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent Features

Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent
SizeGround space of 21 x 8.5 feet = 180 Sq feet.6 feet 5 inches tall in center.
CapacityUp to 10 people. Up to 3 rooms
Weight26.7-pounds (approx)
MaterialPolyester taffeta outer shell.Polyester mesh. PE sheet floor.
Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent Specs

The Ozark Trail is a family tent for all seasons. Use all three rooms, with the two provided room dividers, or use it as one large room for family or party events. When you’re on your next group camping vacations, why not take along a utility tent too. They take up little room because they’re tall rather than wide, and have many functions.

Use it for a portable toilet, or shower, or even as a private changing room. Such tents give full privacy which is always welcome when you’re with a large group. Read our article on, The Best Shower Tents, to give you an idea of how handy these utility tents.

Fly Cover

Ozark Trail Tent Fly Cover and Divider
Divider Under Fly Cover

One of many outstanding features of the Ozark Trail tent is that you can use it with or without the fly cover. If you’re in a hot, dry clime you may not need a waterproof fly over. With a partly meshed roof and roller blinds on the meshed windows, you’ll get lots of air circulation.

If the rain and wind arrive, you can put the fly cover over quickly and easily, using guy ropes. The taped seams will ensure you stay extra dry inside the tent. Air continues to circulate as there is still plenty of open space between the top of the tent and the fly cover. That means no collection of moisture that often leads to dampness.


Ozark Trail Tent Net Meshing Roof
Net Meshing

It’s the good ventilation that makes the Ozark Trail family tent ideal for large parties. The net meshing roof, two D-zippered doors, and two zippered windows with meshing and blinds, all create ample ventilation. While everyone’s snoring through the night, condensation is kept to a minimum.

Another great feature is the mesh screen porch. This serves to protect one of the doorways from flying debris, such as leaves and sand, from getting inside the tent. It also helps to prevent flying insects from entering the inside.


With an inbuilt bucket groundsheet, it helps to keep that creepy crawlies outside where they belong. This also stops any drafts or damp from entering the tent.

How to Set Up the Ozark 10-person Tent?

Before you set off on your jolly hols, watch this YouTube video so you can see for yourself how easy this tent is to put up:

The tent comes with a step-by-step instructions manual, so you can take that along with you too. If you lose your manual, we’ve still got you covered, pop online to download.

The poles are shock-corded, meaning they’re joined together with strong elastic cords. This makes it much easier to put the frame together.

Carry the tent and all the equipment around in the provided bag. This is what makes it so portable, no matter how many times you move around on your camping trip.

Does the Ozark Trail Tent Have Storage?

Ozark Trail Tent Storage

There’s ample storage for the whole family. This includes a hanging media storage sleeve for electronic gadgets. There are fitting to hang this in the loft area or on the wall. Another inbuilt pocket is large enough to hold shoes, so you keep the floor space tidy.

There’s also a purpose inbuilt access point for a power cord if you want to run an electric cable.

Is Ozark a Good Brand?

Ozark is a trusted manufacturer, well known for quality and low priced merchandise. Their products are sold worldwide, so they make tents for all weathers.

The Ozark Trail family tent easily sleeps up to 10 people, keeping them comfortable and dry. Don’t take our word for it – have a look at what the Ozark Trail tent has got that makes it so special for a family vacation.


This is an ideal large group tent for beginners because it’s so easy to set up. Take good care of it, such as drying it out and packing it away properly, and it will last for many future group trips. Don’t forget to take along a cooler box, like the Yeti 10, to keep your food fresh. This is one of the larger ones that we have reviewed and is ideal for family trips.

There are other 10-person tents that stand taller than the Ozark Trail, as well as smaller 8-person tents and larger 12-person tents. For instance, the Core, though this model is more a cabin shape and not as sleek as the Ozark. This is also a heavier tent to move around, whereby the Ozark is not only easy to put up but it’s very portable.

The Ozark Trail tent is unique for air ventilation, with the mesh ceiling. Unlike the Core which relies on floor vents, creating drafty air holes. The Core is difficult to set up on your own but you won’t have this problem with the Ozark Trail. That is one of the key features of the Ozark, it’s so easy to put up.

The Ozark 10-person trail tent also has other uses too. If you have a large social gathering, pop up the Ozark Trail tent in the back yard. That way you can keep the tables of food under cover and away from insects. However you use your Ozark Trail family tent, one thing you will have is lots of room and space.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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