The 5 Best Fishing Backpacks of 2021

Fishing Backpacks

You might be a seasoned angler, or new to this popular national sport. Or, you could be looking for a gift for someone who loves the pastime of fishing.

The 5 Best Selling Fishing Backpacks

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling fishing backpacks currently available for sale on This list is automatically updated daily.

As you hike from shore to bank, you want to feel comfortable knowing that all your tackle is well organized. With these 5 fishing tackle backpacks, you can be confident that you have enough storage space and even spare room for books and sunglasses.

Tackle boxes can be cumbersome to carry around if you’re constantly moving fishing spots. A fishing backpack can store everything you need, and allow you to move around with ease. You need to be able to carry around a variety of tackle and bait, so having the right fishing tackle backpack will ensure the success of your trip.  Even on a tight budget, there are many options for quality crafted fishing backpacks to choose from.

A good fishing backpack will let you keep all your essential tackle in separate compartments. That way they’re easy to find while being safely stored away. To keep your money safe, check out our best money belts for when you’re trekking around.

Whatever your reason for searching for fishing gear, having the perfect storage on a fishing trip is vital. That’s why we are reviewing the best 5 fishing backpacks. These bags will serve the needs of anyone who loves fishing as an outdoor hobby.

The Best 5 Fishing Backpacks:

1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

This large capacity, water-resistant fishing tackle backpack measures L12.6 x W7.9 x H17.7 inches. It can store a huge amount of fishing tackle so you can even take along a few books to read. Manufactured with quality stitching and breathable, high density 1200 denier nylon fabric. It comes fitted with tough quality fastenings. Made to last are the durable KAM buckles and SBS custom made zippers.

With 11-18 separate compartments, you’re not going to struggle to find places for tools and tackle. A large divider lends a variety of ways to partition the compartments. How you use this will depend on whether you want to carry large or small items in it.

Use this backpack in all weathers, or even in the dark as it has reflective strips to ensure that you’re always seen. It also comes with a hard molded glasses case situated at the top where it’s reachable. Included in your purchase is a rain cover for the bag, should you get caught out in a downfall. Don’t worry about the base, it has rubber feet to keep out the damp from the ground.

One of the best features is an optional one. You can buy four utility trays that fit into the larger compartment at the bottom. The bag itself weighs in at 3.5lbs so it’s fairly lightweight.

This is a bag you can treat roughly as you trek around your favorite shore spots. With so much storage space it will leave your hands free to carry the rods. Ergonomically designed with breathable fabric and padded shoulder straps for added comfort. It comes in 3 colors, with or without trays, and all at a good price.

2. SHIMANO BLACKMOON Fishing Backpack


If you’re going for a day’s fishing on the river, this is the ideal fishing tackle backpack to take with you. It might be medium in size but it allows you to carry heavy gear with padded shoulder straps for support.

Mesh holders sit at the sides for carrying your rods, though some users indicate these fittings are too small to be practical. For this reason, it might be better to break the rod down for storing in the holders.

This is a fishing backpack that comes in two sizes. The smallest is compact at 15 X 10.5 X 9 inches and weighs 3lbs. Slightly large is the medium measuring 16 X 17 X 8.5 and weighing 4lbs, which is a little heavier than some can be. That’s because It’s made to last with heavy-duty fabric. There are lots of zippers for access to the many storage compartments fitted throughout this fishing backpack.

If you want a fishing tackle backpack with a large space at the bottom for tackle trays, then this might be the right one for you. In the compact size, there are  2 boxes included. While the medium has 4 Plano 3750 boxes included. Plus, there are plenty of plastic holders for bait.

Included is a waterproof bag to cover the backpack on rainy days so you don’t have to stop your fishing. This fishing backpack also has a useful carry handle, so you can keep a good grip as you search for your tackle in the many compartments.

3. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

Available in eight different colors and a few patterns, this water-resistant backpack is tough. It’s made from 1000 denier high-quality nylon and finished with top quality stitching. As it’s water-resistant, it performs well in light showers and a few splashes. The double SBS made zippers are full length, and the fishing backpack has a durable buckle.

One of the great features of this fishing tackle backpack is that the carry straps are adjustable and interchangeable. This means that you can carry it as a backpack, sling it over your shoulder, or even carry it on your chest. It also has a strong padded hand strap to carry in your hands, should you prefer that option.

The largest compartment is approx 15 x 10 x 4 inches. It’s large to store lure boxes and an array of tackle. With 13 compartments in all, there are plenty of storage points for tackle, tools, packed lunches, and the odd book. There’s also a slot for a water bottle, or you could fit a hydration bladder in the back mesh storage bag. The rod belts situated at the sides are ideal for slipping your rods in, leaving your hands free.

Meshing at the rear allows the fabric to breathe as you carry it, meaning you won’t get in a hot sweat.

The overall weight of the bag is 1.8 pounds. This makes it extra lightweight and ideal for carrying around all your fishing tackle for Bank or Fly fishing. The price is excellent for such an adaptable fishing backpack, and excellent if you’re on a budget.

4. BLISSWILL Outdoor Tackle Bag

A lightweight bag weighing only 1.9lbs and priced at the low end of the budget. Dimensions of this fishing backpack are 11.8 x 8.6 x 4.3 inches. The design uses a non-toxic, abrasion resistant fabric of 1000 denier nylon, that’s also water resistant.

Carry it with the choice of 3 different detachable straps. This means you can use it as a backpack, sling it over your shoulder with extra padding, or handbag style.

Store your lures, boxes, tools and tackle in the many optional storage pockets and inner compartments. At the sides there are straps for attaching a fishing rod, so you can go hands-free. Or, you could store your water bottle there, because there’s another open pocket at the bottom that is also great for rods. The main compartment can hold 2 x 3600 boxes, but they’re not supplied.

Comes in four different colors, and for a small fishing tackle backpack, it’s ideal for short-distance or surf fishing trips.

5. Wild River by CLC WT3503 Tackle Backpack

This fishing tackle backpack by Wild River is one of a kind. It features a swiveling permanent LED light fitting, to fish in the dark. Though it is weatherproof, a rain cover is included so you can continue fishing even in bad weather.

There’s an array of thick mesh pockets, and lots of internal and external compartments to organize your tackle. In the bottom larger section you can store either 4 x 3500 (supplied), or replace them with 2 x 3600 bigger trays (not supplied). If the inner chamber isn’t big enough for your needs, remove the divider so you can store larger items.

With extra padding, it will sit comfortably on your back. There’s also a sternum strap for extra support and comfort. From clippers to toughened zippers, padded straps to a padded carry handle, this is a fishing backpack you’ll want to take with you.

Also included is a plier’s holder that clips onto bag or belt, and removable self-retracting cable for adding more tools. It has an abundance of waterproof pockets for keeping maps and that all important license, safely tucked away.

With too many features to mentions, have a look at this video for a better description of this great fishing tackle backpack:

You can even fold down the tray/ flap and give yourself a worktop, making this the perfect fishing backpack for Fly or Freshwater fishing.

What to Look for When Buying a Fishing Backpack

A fisherman loves nothing more than relaxing on a riverbank or by the sea. They enjoy the natural surroundings and taking part in a sport they love. More so when they know they’ve got everything they need for their trip. That’s why a fishing tackle backpack that allows them to be well organized is vital. Leaving them to enjoy what they love doing the most, fishing.

Fishing tackle backpacks come in many price ranges and with a variety of accessories and compartments. This is a hobby that requires an array of tackle. From spare lines to hooks, bobber, sinkers, lures, and pliers. Plus a good book and sunglasses in anticipation of a warm relaxing day. Tackle management is essential if they are to enjoy a successful fishing trip. Whether catching minnows or trout, they must have a solid tackle fishing backpack.

The need for a fishing backpack with many compartments is the first priority. If your bag can fit everything inside, it leaves your hands free for trekking. If you’re a beginner and you need help deciding what tackle to take along, then go along to this informative fishing blog.

Ideally, you need a tackle backpack with removable trays. You’ll also need extra storage for water bottles, cell phones, and packed lunches. Such items need keeping separate from live bait. That’s why you need a fishing backpack that’s made from quality fabric with reinforced stitching. The last thing anyone wants is a big hole ripping in the bag as they search for the tackle.

A well provisioned lightweight fishing backpack means you can pack everything inside. Look for padded straps for comfort, and breathable fabric so you don’t over perspire while trekking. Nylon is a great everlasting and water resistant material when it comes to fishing.

Also look for a bag with rubber feet on the bottom, to keep out the damp whilst on the floor. Plastic zippers might be better against metal which may rust if not properly treated, plus they’re lighter. You could even look for Velcro’s fasteners if you don’t want to fumble with zippers.

While size is important because you want to take as much as you can, smaller packs can be deceptive. Some of the smaller fishing tackle backpacks are designed with every compartment you can possibly need. Even extra ones you didn’t know you needed until you use them. Some have removable inner walls in case you want to pack larger items. Then again, if there are lots of outer pockets, you can carry large and small items.

As well as plenty of pockets and dividers, look out for places to hang clippers. That way you hang tools and other accessories on the outside.


All that’s left to do is organize your tackle. Use the numerous pockets in any one of these great fishing tackle backpacks. If you’re not sure on the laws of state fishing, such as public lands and where you need a license or not, then pop along to this article for all the information you might need.

Once you’ve chosen one of our 5 best fishing tackle backpacks, and researched the fishing laws of the states, all you need are the fish. You can get help finding the best spots by using a little technology. Read all about our Hummingbird Fishfinders.

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