The Best Garmin Car GPS Devices

Garmin Car Gps

Garmin is the first brand that comes to mind when you’re thinking about a car GPS system, whether it be mounted or built in as standard. Garmin has successfully done this by being one of the first and best manufacturers of GPS’s on the market. By continually improving their technology, accuracy, and ease of use, Garmin GPS systems are used around the world by outdoorsmen and people in their cars who aren’t even good with technology.

The 5 Best Selling Garmin Car GPS Devices:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling Garmin GPS devices available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day.

Our Selection of The 10 Best Garmin Car GPS Devices:

Below you’ll find our list of the 10 best value for money Garmin GPS car devices, you can take on your next road trip.

1. Garmin Nuvi 275T GPS

Garmin Nuvi 275T GPS

The GPS users who are looking for up to the minute traffic information on their GPS unit can find Garmin Nuvi 275t as a perfect driving aid. The multi-featured navigation device is designed with North Americans and European Maps that are updatable. The Nuvi 175t also comes with advanced features like turn-by-turn directions and text-to-speech.

The review of the Garmin Nuvi 275T is positive about its touch screen direction guide and easy startup. That apart the automatic routing ability is one of the most striking features of the GPS unit. The first feature that the users can see is the intuitive interface of the device that displays options like “Where to?” and View Map”. The touch-screen allows the users to easily search the services and addresses.

The drivers can get turn-by-turn directions with the device that speaks the name of the streets. Apart from enabling the users to customize POIs, Nuvi 275t alerts about the approaching POIs. Featured with HotFix™ satellite prediction system, the unit can calculate your position to your direction faster.

The GPS users who were tired of monthly subscription service can find the Garmin Nuvi 275t a really useful device as they can receive up to the minute information about traffic and road construction without any additional requirement of hardware or subscriptions.

The Garmin Nuvi 275T Feature and Specification review:

  • Type: Portable GPS
  • Built in Memory: Yes
  • Receiver: 12 Channel
  • Number of Routes: Unlimited
  • Number of Waypoints: 500
  • Number of Waypoints per Route: 500
  • Map Storage: Internal
  • Database or Basemap: City Navigator NT, North America and Europe
  • Additional Map Options: SD card slot
  • Display Size: 3.5? (diagonally)
  • Pixels: 320 x 240
  • Display Type: QVGA TFT
  • Backlit Display: Yes
  • WAAS Capability: Yes
  • XM, MP3: No
  • MGRS Position Format: N/A
  • Standard GPS Antenna: Integrated
  • Interface: USB (repl 352944)
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Built-in Speakers: Yes
  • PC/USB Cable: Included
  • Vehicle Mount: Included
  • Datacard: Optional

The Garmin Nuvi 275t supports Bluetooth Wireless Technology for hands-free calling. You can dial numbers and receive calls with a touch screen interface. The automatic routing technology in the unit is a great help for the driver if taken a wrong turn. Integrated traffic receiver is another remarkable feature of Nuvi 275t that allows the users to receive lifetime 3 alerts about road construction and traffic delays on the route.

Another advanced feature of the unit is its ability to store pictures from JPEG files. Currency and measurement converter, calculator, world travel clock with time zones are other included features of the model. Users can receive up to the minute direction with the text-to-speech technology available with the Nuvi 275t.

The slim design of the model enables it to fit easily in a pocket or purse. The Garmin Nuvi 275t review mentions about its useful emergency locator “Where Am I?” that informs the users about the nearest address, closest fuel station, hospitals, fuel stations etc by simply tapping the screen. Overall, the Garmin Nuvi 275t is a functional device for the drivers.

2. Garmin Nuvi 755T Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 755T Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 755T GPS. Adding an all-new feature of lifetime free traffic updates, the Garmin Nuvi 755T is a second generation GPS device from Garmin’s Nuvi 700 line. Providing live traffic information and alternative routes, along with 4.3” wide touch-screen, text-to-speech feature, and pre-loaded maps of US and Canada, the unit is an addition to Garmin’s high-end spectrum of GPS products and an excellent aid for navigation.

The review about the Garmin Nuvi 755T speaks about the new feature added to the model ie free life-time traffic updates using Navteq’s traffic network. This is a remarkable feature of the model that was missing in the past GPS models. Although the traffic update feature was available in some of the models, they were optional and not free. The traffic interface with the lane-assist view is a cool feature of the model.

The lane-assist view is a 3D view that can inform you about the complete highway along with road signs, exits, and roadways. Apart from providing information about the speed limit of the road you are on, the Nuvi 755T can indicate you about a clearer route in case there is accident or traffic on your route. Geotagging image system is another important feature of the Garmin Nuvi 755T that enables the user to download images tagged for a specific location to the device.

The Garmin Nuvi 755T Features and Specifications Review:

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Traffic Services: MSN Direct , TMC (Traffic Message Channel)
  • GPS Functions / Services: Lane assistant
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Supported Memory Cards: SD Memory Card
  • Software Included: MapSource City Navigator NT
  • Tracklog points: 10000
  • Supported Formats: MP3
  • Display type: TFT – Widescreen
  • Resolution: 480 x 272
  • Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
  • Battery technology: Lithium ion
  • Mfr estimated battery life: 5 hour(s)
  • Included GPS accessories: USB cable , TMC reciever , Dashboard disc , Car power adapter , Windshield holder

The Garmin Connect Photos feature is a great way to share destination and travels with other Garmin users. The screen is able to produce clear images with the distinguished lightest and darkest part of the imageThe Media Player of Garmin Nuvi 755T supports MP3 music files and the user can browse available music files by song title, artist or genre of music. The model is compatible with Garmin’s WebUpdater software. The well-designed, easy-to-use user interface enables the user to customize the data field. The model has a perfect windshield mount.

However, searching for a specific business name in the POI database of Garmin Nuvi 755T is slow. Also, the Favorites are not sorted alphabetically. The user can’t customize the layout and colors of the map. 3D lane assist is also not accessible for most highway intersections. The speaker volume is not as loud as some of the other models of the Garmin family. The Garmin Nuvi 755T lacks essential high-end feature like Bluetooth.

The review of the Garmin Nuvi 755T gives positive remark about the navigation capability of the model that is found, inexpensive models. In a nutshell, the model with its many important and new features can actually improve the navigation experience of the user.

3. Garmin Nuvi 765T Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 765T Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 765T GPS. The Garmin Nuvi 765T is one of the latest offerings in the new widescreen GPS units. It is an advanced version over the Nuvi 700 model and has numerous upgradations in comparison. The widescreen and text to speech functionality is worth its usage. A high-end model of its kind, the Garmin Nuvi 765T justifies its price firmly.

Its key features, which make it a good deal over and above the Nuvi 700, are several. The Nuvi 700 review speaks about the free lifetime traffic on the units. It is supported by TMC Traffic ads that appear on the screen inconspicuously.

The Garmin Nuvi 765T provides superb lane assisting facility. It helps the user to decide which highway/lane to take when faced with a complicated situation. Lane assessments are a great help when traveling in unfamiliar terrain. The Garmin Nuvi 765T is capable of presenting the user with semi-transparent 3D representations of the actual buildings.

This feature makes the Nuvi 765T a pretty “cool” gadget of its kind. The Garmin Nuvi 765T works out route calculations faster than one can ever imagine. Garmin’s Hot Fix technology helps in speeding up satellite acquisition times. The Nuvi 765T has a wonderful quality of text to speech technology which can be used with different accents. Its Bluetooth hands-free facility enables its owner to use it as hands-free with the phone.

The Garmin Nuvi 765T Feature and Specification Review:

  • Display: WQVGA TFT landscape display with white backlight and touch screen
  • Data storage: Internal memory (4GB, 1.7GB free space), SD memory card slot
  • Headphone jack: standard 3.5mm
  • Computer interface: USB
  • Charging time: 4hrs approx
  • Usage: 10W max
  • Battery life: 3-7 hrs
  • Battery type: lithium ion
  • GPS receiver: High sensitivity
  • Maps: Preloaded maps of USA and Canada
  • Acquisitions time: Cold
  • Warm:
  • Factory Reset: <45sec

The Garmin Nuvi 765T can help you out to optimize routes for faster traveling. It allows the user to enter numerous stops along a particular route for optimization. This feature comes very handy while driving in an unknown area or searching for a house. However, the Garmin Nuvi 765T still has room for improvement regarding its FM transmitter being underpowered and its slowness while manually zooming the maps.

The only feature which differentiates it from the Nuvi 755T is its Bluetooth facility. Its map screen enhancements and Hot Fix GPS technology make it a better deal than the Nuvi 760. A host of high-quality features like 3D lane assist, faster screen redraws, route optimization and 3D building view make it the best all round Nuvi available today.

According to the review, the Nuvi 765T has a number of quality features which really enhance the navigation experience. It has no equal in terms of user friendliness, reliability, features and hardware quality. However, those planning to buy a GPS model and are not interested in the Bluetooth function can go for the Garmin Nuvi 755T. It has all the same features sans Bluetooth facility and costs $80 less!

4. Garmin Nuvi 265T Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 265T Car GPS

Up for Review: Garmin Nuvi 265T GPS. Combining a lot of features in a small case Garmin Nuvi 265T delivers a lot of functionality such as hands-free calling with Bluetooth, lifetime traffic services, a database of numerous points-of-interest and many more. The easy-to-use features of the GPS system make the device a perfect unit even for the novice users of the system.

Just after switching on the device, the users can find two options on the screen- “Where to” and “View Map”. Navigation with GPS system was never so easy. The users can access the options with simple menu. Review of the Garmin Nuvi 265T reveals a lot about its faster and convenient routing ability, and accurate evaluation of travel time.

As traffic incidents are one of the factors of consideration while routing, Garmin has included lifetime traffic service with the model as a bonus of the unit. The device can inform the user about the traffic and suggest an alternate route.

Although the database for the points-of-interest is extensive, it is easy to navigate. Garmin Nuvi 265T is faster in picking up the satellite. The unit can is compatible with MSN direct that enables the user get local information such as movie times, gas prices, weather, etc. However, it requires a receiver and a subscription.

The Garmin Nuvi 265T Features and Specifications Review:

  • Interface Connection: Bluetooth, USB
  • Product Type: Vehicle
  • General Features: Text-To-Speech (TTS), Traffic Information, WAAS Enabled
  • Memory Type: MicroSD
  • Battery Life: 4 hour(s)
  • Pre-loaded maps including North America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
  • Car power adapter and suction mount included
  • Bluetooth phone connectivity
  • 6.5 million pre-installed points of interest
  • Enhanced MSN Traffic/content using optional antenna and charger
  • Digital Elevation Model revealing 3-D terrain
  • Antenna: Built-in antenna
  • Languages: English (US, British, Australian accents), Italian, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and more
  • Display (W x H): 7.2 x 5.4 cm – 8.9 cm (3.5?) diagonal, 320 x 240 pixels. QVGA colour antiglare TFT with white backlight

The 3.5-inch screen of the Garmin Nuvi 265T seems to be too small. However, the occasional advertisements on the model are bothersome. Users, who expect a GPS unit with multimedia features, may feel disappointed as the device lacks voice control and audio/video player. The unit also lacks a QWERTY keyboard. Also, like most GPS unit, the Garmin Nuvi 265T goes haywire in high-buildings area.

Apart from providing 6.5million points of interest, the Garmin Nuvi 265T allows the user to add their own. The device also comes with a car power adaptor and a suction mount. The driving statistics of the unit include average speed, maximum speed, stop time, etc.

The Garmin Nuvi 265T review describes about other high-end features of the model that includes hands-free calling with the help of a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, currency converter, a photo-viewer, etc. apart from that the users can also navigate and through and download Google Panoramio pictures. To sum it up, the small and slim Garmin Nuvi 265T is a fully-featured GPS unit.

5. Garmin Nuvi 855 Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 855 Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 855 GPS . Encasing a better wide screen visibility in a cleaner interface, the Garmin Nuvi 855 is an upgradation of the older Nuvi 850. Garmin Nuvi 855 acts like a personal travel assistant with features like voice guided navigation and lane assist with junction view. The Nuvi 855 has added several other features and functions to make it the user’s delight.

The Garmin Nuvi 855 review discusses about its high quality speech recognition functionality, which recognizes speech/directions without any additional set up. The useful push to talk wireless remote can be attached to the steering wheel and helps in recognizing the voice commands while driving. The Nuvi 855 offers full map view of the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The maps come preloaded with numerous Points of Interest such as ATMs, hotels, gas stations etc.

The map data is serviced by NAVTEQ, the world leader in mapping. The widescreen display of the Nuvi 855 offers always the bigger picture and with brighter colors. Its antiglare screen can be viewed from any angle. Its user-friendly lane assist feature always comes handy when faced with an unfamiliar location or area. It promptly guides you through the optimal route/lane to reach your destination.

Garmin Nuvi 855 Feature and Specification Review:

  • Recommended use: Automotive
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Voice: street name announcement, voice command recognition
  • GPS functions: Time/date, lane assistant
  • Antenna: Built in
  • Waypoints: 500
  • Navigation routes: 10
  • Trip computer: trip timer, trip distance, avoid highways/toll roads, fastest/short route, address search, quickest route.
  • Supported formats: MP3, JPEG
  • Display type: TFT, antiglare
  • Battery: lithium ion
  • Battery life: 4hrs
  • Included accessories: USB cable, car power adapter, suction cup mount, remote control, dashboard disc
  • Miscellaneous features: Photo viewer, Garmin garage, Garmin Hot Fix, Garmin Locate, Automatic routing, downloadable POI’s, TMC ready, optional external GPS antenna connection, built in FM transmitters, limit warning

Loaded with the 3D lane assist junction view, the Garmin Nuvi 855 allows the user to view both the road detail as well as the lane signage. The navigation is very smooth and easy by just speaking a menu option or touching the screen and the Nuvi 855 guides you there with its 2D and 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice guided directions.

The Garmin Nuvi 855 automatically works out the best or the fastest route available. Its highly efficient route planning and navigational features take the pain out of one’s journey. It has an internal antenna, which gives the Nuvi 855 a sleeker and slimmer design. It can easily be packed in your bag or purse.

Similar to any other Garmin devices, the Nuvi 855 is very easy to use. According to review, it is also much faster and precise in comprehending instructions as compared to other older models. Considering the set of features that this model houses, it gives great value for your money. The Garmin Nuvi 855 can be the best deal for anyone who is on the look out for a mid range GPS navigator.

6. Garmin nuvi 265WT Car GPS

Garmin nuvi 265WT Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 265WT GPS. The Garmin Nuvi 265 WT is a device which can be summarized as being “heavy in features and light on the wallet”. Well, this gadget provides the user with all the possible GPS technologies without burning a hole in the pocket. It has user friendly maps and intuitive menus which makes the Garmin Nuvi 265 WT easy to use. The Nuvi 265 WT has quite a number of worthy elements splendidly placed inside a slender black casing.

The review certainly does proceed in favor of the Garmin nuvi 265WT because its features are very well positioned. The menus do not clutter the screen as they are really wonderfully integrated. An example can be, that the phone controls only crop up when the Nuvi 265 WT is paired with a Bluetooth phone.

It includes good quality text to speech technology and FM traffic which enables the user to get away from the traffic jams around. This gadget offers a properly designed map screen, a large POI database and a sleek body. The Nuvi 265 WT has preloaded integrated software which enables the user not to load any additional software to get the device started.

The Garmin Nuvi 265WT Features and Specifications Review:

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Display resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Display type: QVGA color antiglare TFT with white backlight
  • Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Battery life: Upto 4hrs
  • Waterproof: No
  • Base map: Yes
  • Built in Memory: internal solid state
  • Waypoints: 1000
  • Routes: 0
  • Custom POI’s: Yes
  • 3D Map view: Yes
  • Hands free calling: No
  • MP3 Player: No
  • FM Traffic compatible: Yes
  • Touch screen: Yes
  • Remote Control: No
  • Route avoidance: Yes
  • Currency, clock and calculator: Yes

The navigation planning is operated by touch screen. However, the internal speaker is very weak and is hard to hear even on the highest volume. Even the touch screen is not as sensitive as expected to be. The navigation system is not voice activated which is found in other high priced Garmin GPS devices. The Nuvi 265 WT also does not house lane assessment and auto sort features for controlling multiple destinations.

The Garmin Nuvi 265 WT has an admirable routing engine as it helps in calculating the best routes for the user. It is also enabled to send addresses directly to the user’s Google maps or map quest. It comes loaded with a 333 MHz processor for a better map drawing.

The review of Garmin Nuvi 265 WT focuses mainly on its features versus its price. This gadget is a good deal for people who want the all the necessary features without paying higher. It is nicely priced, portable and user friendly which makes the Nuvi 265 WT a decent buy for someone who is looking for a solid GPS system with multimedia features.

7. Garmin Nuvi 270 Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 270 Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 270 GPS. For the GPS users, who are looking for wide array of preinstalled maps along with Garmin’s 200 series, the Garmin Nuvi 270 is a better option. With 3.5’ screen, compact design and easy-to-use features, the model is a functional device for travelers and drivers. The budget-friendly GPS system has all the typical features of Garmin’s 200 series along with “extras” that include unit converters, time zone viewers, and a clock. The model is also compatible with Garmin SaverGuide and Travel Guides product.

The review of the Nuvi 270 is positive about the pre-installed maps in the device. Apart from the North American maps, the user can access installed Europe maps on the system. The GPS device is a perfect option for people who are looking for a simple GPS system with faster signal acquisition and route calculation time.

The user can instruct the device to avoid some specific types of roads such as highways, or toll roads. Although specially meant for the car drivers, the settings can be adjusted for pedestrians, truck and bus drivers and cycle riders.

The remarkable change introduced with the design of the Garmin Nuvi 270 is its internal antenna. The screen is brighter like other expensive models of Garmin. The menu is more user-friendly with clear directions and quick to calculate missed turns. The GPS system can strongly hold the satellite signals with its ultra high sensitive chipset. The accessories available with the model include SD memory card upgrades, carrying case, antenna, etc.

Some of the personal reviews reveal about slower start-up time. There are several essential features like Bluetooth hands-free calling, music player, multiple destination routing, live traffic supporting, that are missing in this model. Another important feature that the Garmin Nuvi 270 lacks is text-to-speech feature.

The Garmin Nuvi 270 Feature and Specification Review:

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Voice: Navigation instructions
  • Features: Calculator , Custom POIs , Garmin Lock , Preinstalled POIs , JPEG photo playback , 2D / 3D map perspective
  • Software Included: MapSource City Navigator NT
  • Maps Included: Europe, Hawaii , Puerto Rico , North America
  • Software Included: MapSource City Navigator NT
  • Trip computer: Back-On-Track , Avoid highways , Avoid toll roads , Fast/short route
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Display Illumination: Yes
  • Display Feature: Anti-glare , Touch screen
  • Connector Type: USB
  • Battery technology: Lithium ion
  • Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
  • GPS design features: JPEG picture viewer , Clock , Currency converter , Measurement converter, Calculator

The Garmin Nuvi 270 review speaks about the good performance of the GPS system and battery life. With a faster signal grabbing capacity, the model can connects fine up to satellite. Overall, the model is a budget-friendly GPS system for the drivers.

8. Garmin Nuvi 885T Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 885T Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 885T GPS. With an advance feature like Bluetooth wireless hand-free calling the Garmin Nuvi 885T is a high-end GPS unit. Featured with lane assist, junction view, and a speed limit indicator, the model offers enhanced functionality to its users. Additionally, the compatibility of the unit with third generation of MSN Direct services makes it a practical GPS device.

According to Garmin Nuvi 885T review, the unit can perfectly deliver lifetime traffic and voice commands with its easy to use features. The boldly colored and easy-to-follow maps show the users about their speed, arrival time and the next street. The device boasts total six text-to-speech voices out of which two American English, two British and two Australian voices.

The interface of the model is simple to understand and the user can quickly call up favorites, enter an address or browse from the database of six million points of interest. The compatibility with MSN direct services has significantly enhanced the functionality of the Nuvi 885T. The system has an Audible book player, music player, three free games an FM transmitter and a photo viewer.

The rounded silver case design of the Garmin Nuvi 885T includes a 4.3-inch, 480 x 272-pixel touchscreen. The small ball-and-socket window mount is attractive. The two-icon interface – “Where to?” and “View Maps” – is same as other low-budget Garmin models.

The sunlight readable screen is a useful feature of the model. With the best routing engine and good Bluetooth compatibility, the model boasts many user-friendly features. Nuvi 885T can suppress other audio navigation prompts when the hands-free calling is in use. The device is also available with a user replaceable battery.

The favorites are in Garmin Nuvi 885T shorted by distance, where as the user may look for an alphabetically-ordered list. The user may miss information like distance to destination, current street, and volume controls.

The Garmin Nuvi 885T Features and Specifications Review:

  • Display size, WxH: 3.81?W x 2.25?H (9.7 x 5.7 cm); 4.3? diag (10.9 cm)
  • Unit dimensions, WxHxD: 4.9?W x 3.1?H x .7?D (12.5 x 7.8 x 1.8 cm)
  • Battery: removable, rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Battery life: up to 4 hours
  • Display resolution, WxH: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Display type: WQVGA color TFT with white backlight
  • RoHS version available: yes
  • High-sensitivity receiver: yes
  • Built-in memory: Internal solid state
  • Preloaded maps: Yes
  • Accepts data cards: microSD card (not included)
  • Connectivity: USB; standard headphone and microphone jacks

The review of Garmin Nuvi 885T speaks about the model’s performance in delivering speech recognition and ease of use. Although the model lacks some of the important features available even in less expensive models, some other features such as tracklog support, ability to optimize the distance by stops and multi-destination routing support are noteworthy. In General, Nuvi 885T is a better performer.

9. Garmin Nuvi 760 Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 760 Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS. The new Garmin Nuvi 760 comes with the trademark signature look of the Nuvi line of portable navigation systems. Its functional SPG unit boasts of a sleek and slim design of a 4.3”widescreen display. Supplemented with great features like a built-in FM transmitter, handsfree Bluetooth and text to speech technology, the Nuvi 760 delivers outstandingly on almost every front. Though, its price is a bit higher, the Garmin Nuvi 760 has all the necessary criteria in place for it to be a winner.

The review places the Garmin Nuvi 760 in a positive light because of its splendid text to speech functionality and location features. It has a FM transmitter device with an excellent reception capacity which helps tons in increasing its usefulness.

The widescreen display is very effective as it has an admirable viewing angle. It’s small and easy to remove design helps the user to mount it conveniently. The Nuvi 760 also is adept at recalling the location even after removing it from the window mount. There is a SD card slot which permits other data or maps to be viewed.

The standard USB connection performs its charging and organization functions normally. The navigation process is exceedingly simple. The main menu is much uncomplicated with broad icons for location details and smaller icons for volume and tools. The GPS performance is firm and the re-routing times are in line with the standard Nuvi units. However, the unit falls back on one feature and that is its slowness for starting up. The speaker volume also could have been a bit louder.

The Nuvi 760 has a built in City navigator Australia NT with Wherels v.14 maps. The preloaded maps offer text to speech technology but even at full volume, its speakers fall short of its expectations. However, the Nuvi 760 is proficient in sending sound wirelessly via your car’s stereo by the use of its Bluetooth feature.

The Garmin Nuvi 760 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Connectivity: USB
  • GPS functions: Automatic Route navigation
  • Traffic Services: Traffic Message Channel
  • Features: Garmin Lock, Handsfree calling via Bluetooth, Built in Microphone,
  • Built in speaker, Custom POI’s, Built in FM Modulator, 2D/3D Maps,
  • Anti Glare, Touch screen.
  • Software: Map source city navigator
  • Digital Player: Yes
  • Supported formats: MP3, JPEG
  • Type: TFT- widescreen
  • Resolution: 480 x 272
  • Battery Technology: Lithium Ion
  • Estimated battery life: 5 hrs
  • Miscellaneous features: FM, MP3 player, Picture Viewer, Clock, Currency converter.

The review of Garmin Nuvi 760 speaks volumes about its compact design and sleek features but the very important speed and red light warnings aren’t preloaded into the unit (though they can be downloaded free from the Garmin website). The Nuvi 760 certainly has world class features and design and these surely surpass its drawbacks in terms of price and sluggish start up time.

10. Garmin Nuvi 260 Car GPS

Garmin Nuvi 260 Car GPS

Up for review: Garmin Nuvi 260 GPS. With additional text-to-speech feature, Garmin has introduced its new model Nuvi 260 as a member of Nuvi 200 series. The gadget is becoming increasingly popular as a functional car GPS device. Moreover, this new model from Garmin is more wallet-friendly.

Although the Garmin Nuvi 260 boasts all the designs and features of the Nuvi 200 series, the review of the model speaks volumes about the added feature- “test-to-speech”- that reads aloud the name of the streets and points of interests. Devised with user-friendly features like foreign language dictionary the gadget is both navigation aid and travel guide for the users. The most striking advantage of the model is the user can get text and voice-guided directions, turn-by-turn.

The device supports automatic route recalculation. With 2D and 3D view of the Maps and Day-Night color adjustments the user can get perfect display with the model. You can customize your points of interest by adding school zones and safety cameras to the POI. You can even zoom in and out with the ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’ icons.

The unit with 3.5” color touch screen boasts preloaded maps of US and Canada, and six million points of interest. Like other units of Nuvi 200 series, the Nuvi 260 comes with a “Hold” button on the top of the set to avoid accidental input through the touch screen. With sharp and bright display, 320x 420 resolution the screen can display texts and images perfectly in various lighting conditions.

The portable device also lacks the external antenna making it easy to carry in the pocket or bags. Although the model has a comprehensive database of POIs, the user can add custom POIs. The points of interest can be searched by categories such as ATMs, lodgings, gas stations, etc. Nuvi 260 is also designed with currency and measurement converters, a world clock and a calculator.

OF course, as an entry-level device, the model has limited number of travel tools than other models of Garmin. When compared to the price, the features are not

The Garmin Nuvi 260 Features and Specifications Review:

  • Connectivity: USB
  • Antenna: Built-in
  • Voice: Navigation instructions, Street name announcement
  • Software Included: MapSource City Navigator North America NT
  • Features: Custom POIs , Garmin Lock ,Built-in speaker , Preinstalled POIs , JPEG photo playback , 2D / 3D map perspective
  • Trip computer: Back-On-Track , Avoid highways , Avoid toll roads , Fast/short route
  • Waypoints: 500
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Screen Features: Anti-glare , Touch screen
  • Battery technology: Lithium ion
  • Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
  • Connector Type: USB

The complete package of Garmin Nuvi 260 comes with reference material, a vehicle mount and a car charger. The review of the model says positive about this set because the GPS system is not restricted only for cars usages, different settings makes it perfect for bicycle, truck, bus and pedestrian use as well.

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