The Best Hammocks With Mosquito

Best Hammock With Mosquito Net

Hammocks with mosquito nets are comfortable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. They’re practical sleeping devices and you’ll feel like you are floating on air. They are truly diverse and useful for so many reasons. In this article, we look at the best hammocks that come with a built-in mosquito net.

They have so many uses, such as:

  • Allow it rock you to sleep at the end of a hard day’s camping trip.
  • Enjoy a day of lounging around in the backyard as you hang your swinging hammock with mosquito net, on a stand an.
  • Take it along on fishing trips, festivals or survival trips.
  • Use it while on the road while on a backpacking expedition.
  • Hammocks are so lightweight that they’re to carry around for unexpected emergencies.
  • Then again, simply take one along on a beach excursion.

In hot climates, it’s better to sleep off the ground in a hammock than in a tent. This means that those little critters won’t bother you at all. You’ll stay much cooler in a hammock because tents can get quite stuffy if the ventilation isn’t so good.

While some users report that they still get insect bites from underneath, this is easily remedied. All you need to do is lay in a sleeping bag with your head on a pillow, then settle down to a cozy night’s slumber.

If your outdoor trip is in a rainy clime, then fix a rain tarp above you with ropes. This makes a secure roof that covers the hammock and keeps you dry.

Our Selection of The 5 Best Hammocks With Mosquito Nets:

To help you decide if a hammock is right for you, we’ve reviewed the best five hammocks with mosquito nets attached to them.

1. Sunyear Hammock with Mosquito Net

Sunyear Hammock with Mosquito Net

Made from extra strong 210T parachute nylon. This is a lightweight portable hammock with mosquito net, suitable for any outdoor trips. For a hassle-free 5-minute assembly, all you need are a couple of trees and the provided installation kit.

Comes with:

  • Bag for storing the hammock.
  • 2 x 10ft long, tree-friendly hanging straps, incorporated with 32 adjustable loops for a secure fitting.
  • 2 carabiners (coupling links), that link the hammock to the straps.
  • 2 x 16.4ft long strong elastic straps, that attach to the mosquito net.

This is a hammock with a mosquito net attached to the nylon. When you come to hang it up, the net doesn’t come away, it’s a part of your bed. If you don’t wish to use the net then swing the hammock over and the net will rest underneath.

You can buy it either single or double size. If you prefer not to sleep alone, then you can share your hammock-bed for the night. As you snooze, you are guaranteed a bug-free rest. The extra-fine mesh netting completely encloses you within.

Sunyear is so confident in the quality of this product, and longevity, they offer you a lifetime guarantee or your money back.

2. isYoung Hammock with Mosquito Net

isYoung Hammock with Mosquito Net

A hammock that can sleep up to two average-sized adults. Fabric is 70D parachute nylon that’s soft to the touch but also tough on wear and tear. A hammock with a complete enclosure, keeping you safe from bugs, with a tunnel style mosquito net.

Comes with:

  • Bag for storing the hammock.
  • 2 x 118-inch nylon ropes.
  • 2 steel carabiners.

The two-sided double zipper makes it easy to open and close the mesh netting from inside or out. The fine mesh netting is held up with an inbuilt fiber-glass stay-bar frame, so the net doesn’t dip as you sleep. The netting is not detachable from the hammock, but the bars are.

The whole package, including a hammock, net, and bag, weighs only 2.27lbs. They wrap up compactly as a 12-inch circular shape. Carrying it around on a hiking trip will be easy and lightweight.

This is a pop-up hammock that is quick and easy to hang between a couple of trees. The ropes are separate and don’t have loops. It might help if you learn a few techniques on tying secure knots (see our link in buyers guide).

Whilst this is a good-sized hammock, many users are indicating it’s not quite large enough for two adults to sleep comfortably. Though it’s comfortable for two people to lay together and relax, so it’s great for the back yard. Come bedtime you’d be better to have a second hammock.

3. COVACURE Lightweight Double Hammock with Net

COVACURE Lightweight Double Hammock with Net

The hammock’s breathable fabric is 220T nylon, designed with triple stitching for extra strength. With a total weight of 1.72lbs, this is a very lightweight hammock with soft to touch fabric. The mosquito net is attached to the hammock, making it easy to set up. Adjust the tension as you move the carabiner, which will tighten the hammock to the correct setting. The netting is held up with the ropes provided. Some users wish that the hammock straps were longer. Much depends on how you hang your hammock.

Comes with:

  • Stuff sack for storage and transportation.
  • Hammock straps (13ft 2inch).
  • Nautical rope for netting.
  • Heavy-duty D shape  aluminum carabiners x 2

Use with confidence. Because you have a lifetime, free replacement guarantee, should any unwarranted damage happen?

4. Hieha Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Hieha Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

The Hieha camping hammock comes in at only 1.6lbs in weight which is one of the lightest although none of the hammock sets are heavy. The fabric of the hammock is a durable 210T parachute nylon, strong and tuff. The dacron gauze net is triple stitched to avoid stress points so it lasts longer. It’s also attached to the hammock so you don’t lose it and there are no gaps for bugs to get inside. Closes up with 2 zippers that can meet in the middle allowing ample room to get inside.

Comes with:

  • Stuff sack for storage and transportation.
  • 2 x Hammock tree straps (6ft 6inch).
  • 4 x net hooks
  • 2 x Net ropes stretching up to 22.9ft.
  • 2 heavy-duty steel, D shaped carabiners.

This is a hammock that has inside and outside storage pockets and a 1-year warranty. It’s so easy to set up that even the most inexperienced can do it.

5. Newdora Double Hammock with Mosquito Net

Newdora Double Hammock with Mosquito Net

An attractive looking hammock that is as comfortable as it looks. Set it up with the pop-up style insect net, or take out the bars in the net and turn the hammock around to use it without.

Comes with:

  • Stuff sack that’s attached to the hammock and doubles up as a storage pocket when the hammock is up.
  • 2 x 2-meter extra tough nylon climbing ropes for hanging the hammock.
  • 2 x stainless steel aluminum carabiners.

When folded within the attached storage bag, it measures 11.8 x 19-inches. It’s also extra lightweight to carry at around 2lb 6oz. On a breezy day, this is quite windproof so will stop the chill blowing through, but like most hammocks, it isn’t waterproof. Easy to put together on a stand or between trees, completed within minutes.

Double-sided zipper for closure either inside or out. The fabric is 210T breathable nylon and has triple row chain stitching for extra strength. The netting has top loops should you want to add more tautness to it and use further ropes. Has a 1-year guarantee or your money back.

Hammock With Mosquito Net FAQs

Hammocks are an amazing piece of equipment for taking anywhere. They can be used for fun, relaxing in your back yard, or to take along on an outdoor trek. You may wonder how you could possibly be comfortable sleeping in such a way, but in fact, it’s quite a natural way to rest.  Studies by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, show that the body will lay in a much more natural position than when lying in a bed.

Another great benefit of a hammock is how quickly it can be put up; much quicker than even the easiest of tents.

How to Hang a Hammock With a Mosquito Net

  • Choose trees that don’t have loose branches above your head, and are not infected with insects such as ants or wasp nests.
  • Pick a couple of trees that stand at around 3-5meters apart and are each at least 6inches thick.
  • IIf it’s raining, first set up a tarp cover over the area where you’re sleeping in your hammock for the night. Now you have a shelter to work under and your hammock will stay dry.
  • When it comes to attaching the hammock, do so at head height. Aim for the bottom of the hammock to hang around a couple of feet from the ground.
  • Not sure which knots to use, here’s some useful information.
  • Hang the bottom of the hammock (where your feet will be), slightly higher than the top end (where your head will be).
  • When you attach the ropes to the tree, allow for some slack in the hammock. It should never be taut.
  • Once you feel it’s ready, sort out the mosquito netting section, ie putting in bars or arranging for extra rope support.
  • Place your sleeping bag and pillow inside and your good to go for a good night’s sleep.

How to Take Down a Hammock With a Mosquito Net

  • If you have a tarp up, take down the hammock first and stay under the tarp to keep it dry.
  • Undo one end from the tree and fold up the rope neatly. Leave them attached to the hammock if you can.
  • To place it in the storage bag, put the ropes in first, followed by the sections where the ropes are attached to the hammock, (heavy stuff first).
  • Take down the tarp by undoing any guy ropes first, followed by shaking out your tarp and folding.
  • Keep your tarp separate as it may be wet.

Want to know more information on these techniques? Watch this video for clear instructions:

How to Get in a Hammock

  • Seat yourself in the center of the hanging hammock.
  • Take hold of the hammock at either side of your body.
  • Bring your legs up on your favored side.
  • Slowly lay down as you distribute your weight.
  • Once in there, you’re quite safe to sleep. Don’t worry, you cannot possibly roll out.
  • Don’t tie the hammock too tight, this is what tends to make them flip. You shouldn’t feel as though you have high sides, they should be loose.


Which hammock is best for your personal needs is a matter of choice. One thing for sure, having the option of an added mosquito net is an essential addition to a hammock. Most especially if it’s going to be used outdoors. Fitted insect nets are best as they’re easier to put up and you won’t lose them. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to use the net you simply flip the hammock over and use the other side. If you buy one without the insect net, you leave yourself open to becoming an insect feast.

If you’re wanting to experience a survival expedition, a hammock is ideal for sleeping in. Have a look at our tips on camping hacks as they will complement your adventure perfectly.

When buying a hammock for outdoor use, it needs to be made from tough fabric, so choose polyester or nylon. Cotton is fine if it’s an indoor hammock and it will look more attractive. Hammocks do tend to stretch over time, but that doesn’t render them useless unless you haven’t looked after it. You can wash it but it’s best done by hand and then left outside to drip dry.

Hammocks are lightweight, certainly easier to carry around than a relatively small tent. If you’re on a hiking trip then you want everything you’re carrying to be light. Have a look at our review on the best packable hiking daypacks to carry around all those extras. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, including sling, shoulder, and backpacks.

Don’t forget, hang that hammock loosely. Don’t worry about sleeping in a curve, it’s actually better than sleeping flat!

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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