The Best Cabin Tents

Best Cabin Tent

Being one with nature is becoming an ever-popular family pastime. For families, it’s great for the children to burn off energy and continue their education of learning about the environment. For adults, it’s a great way to unwind.

After a lot of research and testing, we believe the Coleman Instant Setup Cabin Tent is the best cabin tent currently on the market.

Cabin tents are very popular with families, large groups and those who like space. The best cabin tents are the best instant type tents because they’re so easy to assemble and disassemble. No more arguments over which pole goes where, because the poles are pre-fitted within the fabric.

Our Selection of The 5 Best Cabin Tents:

Below we review the 5 best cabin tents currently available for sale online.

1. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

A tent that you can erect in just 1 minute! Why?

Because it’s a “fastpitch” tent. That means that all the poles are pre-attached to the material so it’s almost like a pop-up tent. All you need to do is extend the steel poles and then secure the guy ropes with stakes.

This is known as a darkroom tent. Why?

Coleman’s are so confident of the tough measures they take to design a rainproof watertight tent, that they did a test to prove it. Watch this video to see how their double fabric density holds up.  

With UV guard sun protection and reinforced ripstop fabric, this is a tent with WeatherTec protection for all weather. Not only that, but the tent is also fire retardant too. This is a tent made with a dark-room feature, keeping out the sun and reducing the temperature by 10%. Enjoy a sleep in on those sunny hot mornings.

Pack it up in a backpack in its own storage bag. Get ready for your outdoor adventure with the confidence that this tent can go up and down quickly, as many times as you like. 

2. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


A large tent for a family get-together. Or, for those who like more space with fewer people, then this 9-person cabin tent is ideal. It’s hard to believe that such a large tent takes only one minute to put up, with two people. Or even 2-minutes with one person. It’s the pre-assembled frame that speeds-up the assembly.

A divider gives you two rooms if you want more privacy. Inbuilt storage pockets are great for keeping your personal items tidily tucked away in a safe place. With an electric cord port access, you can have the electrics running and situated safely, in no time. If you don’t want to use it, then leave it closed. 

The large mesh ceiling allows the air to be pulled up from the floor vents, and escape through the roof. On hot days and nights, leave the separate rain cover off if you wish, and enjoy a little star gazing.

When it rains or the winds blow, feel confident that you’ll stay dry with the heat-sealed H20 technology finish to the sealed seams. That’s when you need to secure the fly-cover in place using extra stakes. 

With large zippered doors, there is ease of access for everyone. The meshed windows allow plenty of ventilation or close off them for more privacy.

This tent comes with everything you need. A tent, steel telescope tent poles pre-fitted into the tent fabric, 20 x 7-inch steel stakes, room divider, fly cover and fitted guy ropes. Add to that a tailored storage bag, so you can transfer your tent around on your outdoor camping trip. 

3. TOMOUNT 8 Person Camping Cabin Tent

TOMOUNT 8 Person Camping Cabin Tent

A large instant cabin tent that can accommodate up to 8-adults, with sleeping bags only. Easy and quick to set up in only 10-minutes. The fiberglass-poles feed into a continuous, snag-free tubed seam. It’s a cleverly engineered design that means it’s much more secure than a pop-up tent because it’s more wind resistant.

With a professional waterproofing index of 4000mm on the fly-cover, you’re sure to keep dry inside your tent on rainy days. When it comes to ventilation, the five meshed windows will let the air flow freely into the cabin tent. There is also a mesh netting on the large D-shaped doorway.

You can roll the door-fabric cover out of the way, but leave the mesh covers zipped up for extra air-flow. The roof of the tent is also meshing, so you have optimal ventilation. Put up the tent without the rain cover if the weather is good, and watch the night sky through the meshed fabric.

Mesh netting also keeps those insect pests out of your living area and the zippers are all 2-way, so they won’t get stuck. Secure personal items tidily in the fitted storage pouches. If you want to hook to the electrical output, run your electrical cord through the special e-port opening. 

It comes with a storage bag for transferring the tent around. The speed and proficiency that allow this tent to be assembled, make it quite mobile, should you move around a lot. Plus, you get a 1-year warranty and good customer service access.

4. CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Awning

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Awning

With the promise of a 60-second setup, this is an ideal instant cabin tent for 6 people, or fewer if you need more room. No matter the size or your group, everyone will have easy access through the double T-side, zippered doorway.

Put up the main tent with its ventilated meshing roof, and enjoy the extra ventilation. Or, put the separate rain fly cover over, especially if you’re expecting rain or wind, or you want more privacy. 

Above the floor space, there are extra-large vents in the walls that can be open or shut. This will allow extra airflow throughout the room. 

Need somewhere to put your electronic gadgets? 

No problem, there are ample inner storage pockets on the walls and even one hanging in the roof space. You will also find a lantern hook in the loft space.

Need to run an electric cable? 

No problem, there is an e-port access opening that secures the cable with a hook and loop fastening.

This tent has all the features that you need to be comfortable, regardless of the elements. Flame resistant, heat-sealed seams, mesh screens, and a fly cover for the rain, all make for a great camping experience.

The cabin tent comes supplied with 13-ground stakes. Four are for the fly cover. Also included is a storage bag. Plus, the tent has the telescopic steel poles fitted into the fabric and a fly cover with guy ropes. Also, it carries a 12-month warranty.

Users have reported that they prefer to cushion the floor with another tarp or cover. Though if you have mattresses or cots, the hard-wearing floor shouldn’t bother you.

5. OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent


The OZARK Tent has lots of access points and is a large, easy to assemble family cabin tent. Two side D-Doors and the main double door at the front are all zippered and have polyester mesh windows.

There are six meshed windows in total. Roll up the fabric covers if you want to increase ventilation or put them down if you need more privacy. Adding to this airflow is the mesh roofing. If you use the tent without the fly cover, you’ll have a great view of the night sky above you.

Fit up to two provided fabric separators inside, and have yourself up to 3-rooms. Or, you can simply have one large room without the dividers in place. Though, they don’t offer complete privacy as there is a gap at the top of the fabric wall.

There are plenty of storage pockets and that all-important E-port opening to run an electrical cable, should you want to hook up. Inside, at the center of the tent, is a hook for hanging your lantern. This tent is also fitted with a mud mat. This means you can leave your shoes outside, but at the doorway, and still within reach. 

The fly cover is fitted separately to the main tent. It overhangs the windows and doors, to stop rain dripping through. Peg it out with guy ropes and stakes. The taped seams also prevent water leakage.

A large tent that only takes around 10-minutes to put, and to take down, which can be done with only one person. Though many users are saying it’s more like 15-minutes. Either way, it’s easy to assemble. All stakes and fiberglass poles are included, plus a storage bag for keeping it packed away when not in use.

What is a cabin tent?

The word “cabin” is the giveaway, as this type of tent is exactly that, shaped like a cabin. Cabin tents are great if you want space. They tend to be bigger than dome tents because they have straighter walls.

They’re perfect if you intend on staying in one place. But, the instant cabin tent is also excellent if you prefer to move around a lot. 

The instant cabin tents we’ve looked at in our reviews are the top of the range when it comes to setting-up, but you might still find the tent set up challenging the first time.

The times when you’ll find it hard to assemble a cabin tent are:
– If you’re a beginner.
– Your pitch is small.
– Your pitch is on a slope or stony ground.
– The weather is windy or rainy.

How To Set Up a Cabin Tent

Any of these situations can happen, so it’s always good to have your instructions manual at hand.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1

Spread out the floor of the tent. 

Step 2

Unfold the poles.

Step 3

Stake down the 4-corners first and make sure stakes are hammered in at an angle of around 45%, if possible. If you can’t get that angle because of the ground, then it’s worth investing in larger stakes. 

Step 4

Once your guy lines are up, tighten them but allow for a little slack so the wind can blow through naturally.

Step 5

Enjoy your cabin tent.

As an example of how to set up any instant tent, here’s a manual for our instant cabin tent no 4, The Core 6 Person Cabin Tent Model No. 40007.

Cabin Tent vs Normal Tent

A cabin tent will generally have more windows than a normal shaped tent, such as dome, tunnel or tepee. 

The other nearest option to a cabin shape is an A-shaped tent. Here you have two sloping sides, but the living area will generally be a square cabin shape. These are fine if you’re not bothered about standing space in your sleeping area.

A tunnel tent can also be quite tall. Though, you will always have those curved walls causing you to lose some head height, which can be annoying for adults.


If you enjoy moving around locations when on an outdoor vacation, the instant tent is ideal. That’s because it’s so quick and easy to assemble and take down too. This is the perfect solution when travel is a major part of vacationing. 

There’s no denying that camping is fun, how can it not be? You’re living so close to nature. Yet, you can still have some of the creature comforts of home.

Why not take along a portable tent air conditioning unit. This will enhance your comfort and enjoyment whilst sleeping outdoors. We’ve reviewed the best models for this luxury feature, so you don’t even have to search around.

You can even take along an extra utility tent for a portable shower, portable toilet, or a private dressing area. Have a look at our reviews on the Best Shower Tents.

The 5 Best Selling Cabin Tents:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling cabin tents available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day.

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