The Best Kids Sleeping Bags

Kids Sleeping Bags

Whether it’s an outdoor trip or an indoor sleepover, it’s always worthwhile to have a couple of kids sleeping bags set aside for such events. Kids love to sleep out, it’s an adventure and a great growing-up experience.

Every parent worries when they have that first slumber party or scouts camping trip. That’s why it’s essential to get the right type of kids sleeping bag, so you can rest assured they’ll be warm and comfortable while they sleep

Children of all ages like their independence and their own belongings. So when they sleep away from home, they can take a variety of bold colorful sleeping bags and feel proud to own them.

Our Selection of The 5 Best Kids Sleeping Bags:

The 5 reviews below consider both outdoor and indoor sleeping bags for kids. There is a clear difference between the two, as this guide will show.

1. Coleman Plum Fun 45 Kid Sleeping Bag

Coleman Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bag

This is an ideal sleeping bag for kids who are under 5 feet 5 inches tall. With a length of 66×26 inches, they can sleep with comfort in this rectangular shaped sleeping bag.

Your child’s comfort is guaranteed, starting with the rolled cuff that’s sewn into the top edging. It ensures that cheeks rest against soft support, while asleep. Soft polyester makes sure they stay warm all night.

With the ThermoTech insulation, it will keep the sleeper warm in temperatures as low as 45F. To keep them even warmer, add this hammock for any tenting trip, and keep them off the ground.

The bag rolls back up again with the help of specially designed zippers and cords. Pull it into a roll, then fits into the provided carry bag. There’s no need to tie knots in the cord as it has a locking mechanism for long-lasting use.

This lightweight 2.9 1lbs kids sleeping bag, also has a shoulder strap on the stuff bag. This makes it light and easy to carry around. The size, when rolled up, is 13.8 x 8.3 inches.

This blue kids sleeping bag has a camouflage pattern on the inside. On the outside, it contrasts with a two-tone matching plain color. It also completely unzips if you wish to lay it flat, or zip two kids sleeping bags together. Use it time again because it’s machine washable, meaning you can soon have it ready for the next trip.

2. Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag Set

Disney Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag Set

Disney’s character Minnie Mouse is a popular character for most children. That’s why it makes this design perfect for a kids’ sleeping bag. The sling bag slumber set includes two pieces. The first piece is the stuff bag which has drawstring straps to allow it to be carried as a small backpack. The second piece is the kids’ sleeping bag. The lightweight design at only 1.1 lbs, makes it easy to take along for your child’s next sleepover.

The recommended age group is up to 8 years old. Though at 52 inches in length and 30 inches width, it will be roomy for any child under 4 feet tall. The rolled up size is 14.5 x 9.5 inches, so it’s ideal for any child to carry to their next slumber party.

The side zipper allows for easy access and stops short from the top. This means you have room to put your pillow as you fit snuggly into position. The material scores high on soft stuffing, though some users have suggested it slips around with a shiny finish. When washing, it’s best to keep it on a low temperature or the colors may fade a little in this kids’ sleeping bag.

It isn’t meant for use in very cold temperatures, but it’s great for watching TV or sleeping indoors at slumber parties. This is a sleeping bag for kids that will prove popular with any child who is a Disney fan.

3. Wildkin Original Kids Sleeping Bag

Wildkin Original Kids Sleeping Bag

These Wildkin kids sleeping bag is designed with 26 different combinations of patterns and colors. Bold colors make the outside shell attractive, with a contrasting plain color on the inside. A wide range of motifs will delight any child. For the girls, they can choose from butterflies to unicorns.

The boys may prefer the patterns of stripes and geometric shapes. One thing they all have is quality fabrics. The outer shell is a blend of cotton, and the inner lining is a soft cotton flannel. Plus, the microfiber filing guarantees coziness comfort. All materials are checked against PVC, BPA, Phthalate-free and flame resistant.

Measuring 66 x 30 inches, this sleeping bag is recommended for children and youths aged between 5-12 years old. The set offers four pieces. This includes a sleeping bag, separate small pillow, removable matching pillowcase, and a stuff bag with an elastic closure.

Weighing only 3.6 lbs, the bag can be carried around easily for any of your child’s sleepovers. The ¾ fitting zipper opens up for easy access, so your child can inside without any help.

Whilst it does say it’s washable on a cool wash, some users are finding that the super-soft filling shifts around a little when they washed. Other users are suggesting this can be overcome by hanging it out to air dry instead of using a tumble dryer. The Wildkin sleeping bag also has other matching accessories, such as lunch boxes and backpacks.

4. REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag

REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag

Whether you prefer a plain color, patterned, or even a landscape image, this kids’ sleeping bag has 23 different designs. Weighing in at only 2 lbs it’s an ultralight sleeping bag for kids, and easy to carry around. To make it even easier, it’s designed so that you don’t even need to roll it up for storage. Simply shove it into the provided stuff bag. Then pull on the straps to make it more compact and portable for travel.

At L71 x W30 inches, anyone under 6 feet will find it roomy and comfortable. The double zippers are extra toughened and it’s easy to open the bag out flat. Or zip two bags, creating double the amount of available space.

The seams are double-stitched making it a durable fabric for machine washing. This is a great sleeping bag for kids who enjoy sleeping outside in a tent. Use it when temperatures are above 40F for a cozy, warm evening.

Though it has a shiny finish made of polyester, the fabric is waterproof and should stand the test of time. A robust sleeping bag for kids, that’s made to last.

5. Wenzel Moose Boys 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Moose Boys 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

A fun animal print adorns this kids’ sleeping bag, that comes in blue or pink. The outer material is a soft breathable 190T Poly Taffeta, with a soft polyester InsulFirm filling. This makes it ideal for sleeping in temperatures as low as 40F. The self-repairing, two-way main zipper means you can open up the entire bag and use it as a quilt if preferred

With measurements of L66 xW26, there is generous room for anyone up to 5 feet tall. A small velcro closure tab helps to keep out any draughts as fits snug around the top end.

Roll up this kids’ sleeping bag by using the attached elastic storage bands. Then it’s the perfect size to be placed inside the provided stuff bag. Weighing only 3.25 lbs, it’s easy to carry around on any trekking vacation.

Wenzel is so confident about the quality of this sleeping bag for kids, they promise it a 10-year warranty. It is machine washable on a very low heat and best air-dried on a line.

If you’re looking for a thick, reliable kids sleeping bag for outdoors, then you’ve found one.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Kids Sleeping Bag

How large a sleeping bag to buy is often the first question most parents consider when it comes to buying a kids’ sleeping bag. An adult’s bag may be too large and clumsy, allowing drafts inside because of the poor fit.

What are the features that should be considered when buying a kids sleeping bag?


It might be tempting to buy a larger kid’s sleeping bag, allowing for room to grow, but that’s a mistake. A sleeping bag that’s too long will not contain their body heat as well as a good fitting one does. Your child needs to fit snugly inside the bag, for better insulation.


It’s easy to think that soft cotton might feel snuggly, but synthetic material works more effectively. Synthetics retain heat much better. This means the kids’ sleeping bag will have better air circulation and keep out the damp. It’s the very nature of a synthetic fabric that lends it a natural water-resistant element.

That’s exactly what you need on a damp evening, so the water doesn’t infiltrate the bag. Even if your child suffers from fabric allergies, you can still use a synthetic kid’s sleeping bag. All you need to do is insert a cotton sheet liner inside.


This depends on what type of adventure your child is about to embark upon. If they’re having an indoor sleepover, then a thinner kids sleeping bag will be fine.

They don’t want to end up too hot and bothered inside. In comparison, an outdoor camping trip requires a better sleeping bag with a thicker filling. That doesn’t necessarily mean the bag will be heavier, so look at the overall weight if your child is hiking.


Double zippers are great for stopping any snagging. Look out for self-repairing zippers as these are specifically designed to lessen the chances of catching on the fabric. Bear in mind that if your child is left-handed, it might be easier to undo their bag with a zipper on the right side. Ideally, the zipper opening needs to be on the opposite side of whichever hand they use most naturally.

Another feature to consider in the zippers is whether they are only down one side, or go across the bottom as well. A three-quarter zipper includes one side and the bottom. Often, this type of zipper allows the bag to be fully opened and used as a quilt, or an undercover to lie on. Often this design will attach to another bag, making a single into a double sleeping bag.

Zippers can be the first parts to go on a sleeping bag. Let’s face it when you’re tired after an exciting day, the last thing the kids care about is being careful with a zipper.  Here’s a useful article to help you understand the best zippers to look out for.


Children love sleepovers without their parents tagging along. For this reason, you need to buy a bag that is easy for them to fold, or roll up, and store. Most sleeping bags come with a stuff bag for storage.

It also helps if there are additional straps or cords for wrapping around the rolled-up bag. This makes it more compact and easier to get inside the stuff bag. To help you train your child with this wonderful task, have a look at our easy instructions.


Sleeping bags for kids often end up with food residue or become stained. That’s why it’s useful if they are washable. Be aware that this can sometimes pose a problem with synthetic fabrics. Look out for bags that have the filling stitched into place. It means that it won’t shift out of place in the washing machine.

Most sleeping bags will withstand a cool wash in a front-loading machine. When it comes to drying, you can use a dryer if you put it on cool and put some dryer balls in there.

Though, it’s better to hang them out to air on a line. Tumble dryers can melt some of the synthetic fabrics if you’re not careful. With such problems in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t machine wash any kids’ sleeping bag, so long as you do it right. To help, have a look at this great video on washing a kid’s sleeping bag:


By owning their own sleeping bag, it can give a child a great sense of independence. That’s why it’s important that they choose a stylish design that’s tailored to their liking. Kids sleeping bags often come in bold colors and patterns, or even images that children find attractive.

We’ve highlighted the 5 best kids sleeping bags, such as Disney characters, or animals. If they don’t like specific prints then go for simple shapes, such as stars or geometric effects.

If they own an indoor sleeping kids bag, they can watch TV, or even use it in play. These are also ideal if they’re sleeping over at gran’s house because it means they don’t have to make up a bed. Your child has their very own mobile bed that they will enjoy carrying around on every trip. It’s all a part of growing up and feeling independent, away from home.

The 5 Best Selling Kids Sleeping Bags

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