Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

Coleman 6 Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is so reliable that it’s the perfect tent for any party of up to 6 people. Once you’ve seen all the features this tent has to offer, you’ll soon be agreeing with us. 

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

Size10 x 9 feet inner tent10 x 5 feet screen room
Capacity Up to 6 people
Hi-Tech WeatherTec™Polyguard™ Insta-Clip™
Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Specifications

Tent’s specifications can be a bit baffling when you read some of the manufacturers’ descriptions. Here is a breakdown of what the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent features are. This shows how well designed the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent with a screen room is:

  • The WeatherTec™ system is about keeping you dry. Not only is the floor tubbed, but it has patented corner welding and inverted seams for extra protection.
  • The Polyguard™ relates to the durable 75D polyester taffeta fabric. Your Coleman tent should last for many camping trips to come. The waterproofing is 600mm. 
  • The Insta-Clip™ refers to the clips that secure the fabric of the tent to the poles, in an instant. It also speeds up the process of assembling the Coleman 6 person tent.

There are many other positive attributes to the Coleman 6 person tent:

  • It’s a simple job to feed the shock-corded, fiberglass poles through the snag-free fabric sleeves. 
  • These poles make up an extra-strong frame that will withstand winds of 35mph plus. 
  • Even the zippers have weather-resistant cuffs to withstand the elements.
  • There’s also a patented pin-and-ring system that stops poles from slipping around.

When enjoying an outdoor camping trip it’s good to know that you’ll stay dry while you sleep, but there’s another great feature to the Coleman 6 person tent. The entrance area is a screen room, where all the windows are made of mesh netting.

During the day you can enjoy lunch in there, without any bugs disturbing your meal. At night you can view the stars through the meshing as you sit and enjoy a peaceful moment. You could even sleep in there on dry nights, as the floor is the same fabric as the inner tent.

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The Coleman 6 person tent has a spacious interior where can you fit up to 6 sleeping mats or 2 Queen mattresses. There are a couple of storage pockets to keep personal items protected.


There’s ample ventilation via the windows that have extended awnings covering them. This means you can keep them open at all times when the fly cover’s in place.

The final great feature of the Coleman 6 person tent is the rain cover. This fits over the tent and is secured with guy lines. However, in hot, dry weather you don’t need to use it, allowing more air circulation through the mesh windows, helping you to keep cool on humid nights.

Popular Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent FAQs

How tall is a Coleman Sundome 6 person tent?

Many people will be able to stand upright with the generous 5 feet 8 inches at the center.

What size is a Coleman Sundome 6 person tent?

The two-room sizes are stated in our Specifications Table. The overall footprint of the Coleman Sundome 6 person tent is 100 sq. ft. (9.3m2).

If using to the full capacity of 6 people, this allows 16.7 ft2 (1.55m2) per person. The packed size is 27 x 8 inches (69 x 20cm), which is great for the back of a motorbike.

How to repair a Coleman 6 person tent with a small hole?

Make it a habit to carry around a roll of Tenacious tape (Repair tape) and a tube of Seam Grip. If you have a tear in the fabric of your tent then it’s easy to fix:

Clean the edges of the hole and making sure the fabric is dry. 
Cut out a piece of Repair tape that is about half an inch larger than the size of the hole. 

Smear Seam Grip adhesive all around the edging of the Repair tape, on one side only. Attach the Repair tape over the hole on one side of the tent ie inside the tent, ensuring it covers the hole.

Leave it for 12 hours and then repeat the process on the other side of the hole ie outside the tent. Seam Grip adhesive also seals, so you can use it to seal seams that appear stretched or warped..

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How to Set Up a Coleman 6 Person Tent:

Step 1

Layout the tent flat on the ground with the door facing your chosen direction. Stake down the 4 corners first, to keep them taut. Assemble the poles and thread them through the pole sleeves. Take care of these fiberglass poles, they’re not as durable as steel ones. 

Step 2

Insert the pins into the ends of the poles at two opposite diagonal corners. Push the poles up until the tent resembles a dome. Repeat in the other two corner poles.

Step 3

Using the clips, attach the rest of the tent fabric to the poles.

Step 4

Attach the poles on the underside of the rain fly cover, using the sleeves and straps. Place the ends of poles into the sewn-in pockets, underneath the cover. Drape the cover over the tent, securing with the provided straps. Insert the pin at the end of the vestibule pole. Stake out the guy lines to the right tension.

You can download the instructions here:

For an overall view of the Coleman tent and how to assemble it with one person, you can also watch this video:


Choosing the right tent can be a difficult task. When comparing the Coleman to other brands, such as the Core 6 person tent, you will notice differences.

You may get more features in the Core tent, but you will also pay more. A Coleman 6 person tent offers value for money and it has all the features that you need for an enjoyable outdoor camping experience. 

If you’re worried about your wellbeing whilst sleeping outdoors, then take along a few extra comforts. There is equipment that will ensure you stay healthy, such as a camping fridge to keep your food fresh and cold a water purifying pen that not only kills bacteria but also water-borne viruses too and even a tent airconditioner, for the warmer days.

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