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Vango Omega 350 Set Up

If you love the outdoors, then I bet you’ll enjoy camping. It’s one of the best ways to be with one with nature. Camping is the perfect activity for the outdoors, especially for those who are hiking. At the end of a long hard day’s trek, there’s nothing better than a tent that’s quick to set up. That’s only one of the features of the Vango Omega 350 tent. 

Vango Omega 350 FAQs 

How big is the Vango Omega 350 tent?

The living area gives you plenty of room, with a width of 7.2 feet and a length of 6.5 feet. Ideal for lazing in while you eat and chat with your fellow campers. At night time you have a spacious sleeping area of 6.5 x 7 feet, plenty of room for your mats. 

Where can I buy the Vango Omega 350 tent?

You can buy the Vango Omega 350 from any popular online store, such as, Walmart and Bestbuy or at your local sporting goods or camping store.

Vango has over 50-years’ experience of designing and making outdoor activity equipment. They’ve created many unique technologies to enhance our adventurous experiences. 

Vango Omega 350 Features

Vango Omega 350
DimensionsTent: 14.2 x 7.2 x 4.4 feet. Center Height: 4.5 feet.
Berth3 person, 2 rooms
MaterialsProtex® Haven Flysheet70 denier, 6000mm polyester groundsheet Alloy Poles
Vango Omega 350 Specs

Considering this tunnel-shaped tent sleeps up to 3-people, it’s a roomy tent with a living area and a shared bedroom. The side entrances are in the living area and have mesh coverings, should you want ventilation.

With an extra flap to peg down in the doorway, for muddy boots, you can keep it down or clip it up when not in use. The Diamond-clear PVC windows allow plenty of light into the shared living space.

Let’s have a look at those unique technologies that Vango has designed for the Vango Omega 350:

  • The Protex® Haven Flysheet is completely waterproof. It has a Protex® shield that is exclusive to Vango products and it includes: 
  • 3000MM HH waterproof 
  • Fire retardant, meeting all quality standards.
  • 70D ripstop weaved polyester lightweight fabric
  • Factory taped seams. 
  • Vango PowerLite 7001-T6 are strong but lightweight alloy fiberglass poles. Made with high-grade precision cutting and an added corrosion resistance coating.
  • Vango TBS®II is a patented Tension Band System. It makes sure your tent survives even the most adverse of weather conditions. Adjust the tension on the Vango Omega 350 as needed. 

These are but a few qualities in the Vango Omega 350. The fact that it can be assembled in 10-minutes by one person means quick disassembly too. It also helps that the poles are color-coded with the sleeves, for speed. There is an inner door for the sleeping area which has a mesh window for good ventilation. There are also plenty of inner storage pockets.

At the end of your trip, the provided storage bag has an extra-large opening and straps for compressing the tent inside.

How to Pitch a Vango Omega 350 Tent

There’s no better way to learn how to do something, than by watching someone else do it. First, we give you Vango’s video, so you can see for yourself how easy the Vango Omega is to pitch.

Step 1 – Spread The Outer Tent

Spread the outer tent on the ground of your pitch, putting it the right way around for the 2-side doors. Before you begin, you must assemble the 3-poles.

Step 2 – Assemble the 3 Poles

Insert your color-coded poles into the right pole-sleeves. Push the poles up until the tent concertina’s into 3 arches. At one side, pop all the poles into the eyelets in their relevant anchored straps. Then do the other side. 

Step 3 – Taut The Tent

Pull out the front and back of the tent, and peg the corners so the tent is taut. Peg the rest of the tent down, including all the guy lines. Your outer tent is now assembled.

Step 4 – Spread Out The Inner Tent

Spread out the floor of the inner tent. This is where it comes in handy if you left the clips attached previously. Attach all the clips in place from back to front, bottom to top. 

Step 5 – Attach The Groundsheet

The final part is the unattached groundsheet in the living area. Clip this in place so it’s a bathtub shape, keeping out drafts and water. 

Now, enjoy your outdoor vacation.

If you want to print out the pitching instructions, Go to the Vango site and download the pdf from the Information section or here:


Camping is a popular way to enjoy an outdoor vacation, so make sure you choose the right type of tent. The Vango Omega 350 will sleep up to 3 people. If you have more in your party, why not look at getting a larger tent rather than several smaller ones.

Read our review on The Best 12-person Tents.  If there are fewer people in your party, then you will have lots of room on your vacation.

If you’re hiking, then it makes sense to carry a smaller tent around with you. That’s where the Vango Omega 350 is perfect. Of course, there are other 3-man tents, very similar, such as the Coleman Coastline Compact. But the living area is not as roomy and it’s only a summer tent. A Vango is for all seasons.

If you’re lucky enough to be camping out on warm evenings, be even more adventurous and try sleeping in a hammock. Read all about it in our article on The Best Hammock with Mosquito Nets. That way, you don’t need to worry about bugs while you’re asleep.

If you’ve never camped before, then have a look at this useful article. It offers lots of expert advice on how to get the most out of a camping trip. When you’ve read this, you’ll soon become a seasoned camper, taking along all the right equipment and choosing the right type of tent.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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