Venture Pal Lightweight Hiking Backpack Review

Venture Pal

When going out on a day trip or short weekend, it’s great to pack everything in one bag that you can carry on your back. This leaves your hands free. The lighter the bag means you can load it up with a full day’s supply of everything you need to take with you. Look for compartments to store water and a strap that goes across your body to help you carry the packed weight.

This is why the lightweight Venture Pal hiking backpack is ideal. If you’re looking for a lightweight space saver with numerous packing compartments, the Venture Pal is the perfect solution.

Venture Pal Lightweight Daypack Hiking Backpack

When opened up fully, the Venture Pal backpack measures L20 x W13 inches. That’s not all, you can fold this unique design into a compact lightweight carry bag, and it only measures L8.5 x W9 inches.

It’s perfect for excess baggage on a flight. Plus, when empty, it only weighs 11.2 ounces (0.7lbs), leaving plenty of extra space for everything you want to pack. If your traveling by air, keep yourself organized using one a travel packing organizer from our “10 Best Travel Packing Organizers” article.

The last thing you want to is overpack when flying by air. It’s always best to weigh each bag, so why not have a look at our list of the “5 Best Luggage Weight Scales” to keep your luggage on target.

Features of the Venture Pal Lightweight

Venture Pal Features

Now let’s look at some of its great features that make this a roomy and lightweight bag to take on any trip.  The Venture Pal backpack holds up to 35 liters of luggage within multi-compartments. That means you can stay organized all day long.

Made from a high quality abrasive resistant nylon fabric, this toughened material is both tear and water-resistant. The base of the bag is double-layered lending it extra strength, along with reinforced stress points throughout the bag.

All zippers are two-way heavy-duty SBS metal. You can zip up the opening whichever way you like which is great for both left and right-handed people. It also means you link a small lock on the double zipper where they meet. This is a lightweight Venture Pal that is durable and tough.

The Venture Pal backpack has a main storage hold with two large inner pockets. These inner pockets are also used if you want to fold the Venture Pal backpack into a handheld carry bag. The two thick mesh side pockets will hold large water bottles and snack bags for easy access.

The two front pockets are zippered so you have can hide away items out of sight, such as cell phones. The larger one will fit a hydration bladder inside if you prefer them to water bottles. There is a hidden zipper for the top pocket with a flap. This means no one can open it when your Venture Pal is carried on your back.

Use the Venture Pal backpack for day trips, short vacations, a carry bag for baby items, or even for college. It will even pass as excess baggage as it fits under an airline seat. The breathable mesh covered straps also have 3mm extra padding so it’s comfortable to carry around. Added to that. the straps are adjustable and the chest strap holds the bag in place with a solid whistle buckle.

Venture Pal is so confident in this product that they give it a lifetime guarantee. One of the biggest bonuses of the Venture Pal backpack is the leaf designs and varied colors you can choose from. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Some users have even thrown them in the washing machine on a low wash after a long day’s hike. That way they have a fresh bag ready for their next adventure.

So, what doesn’t this backpack have?

  • There is no extra padding inside the body of the bag for laptops or cameras. If they are already in a padded bag, then they will fit.
  • No waist strap, but it does have a sternum strap.
  • It is water-resistant but not waterproof. That means it will repel light water with no problem.
  • No sleeping bag compartment or extra straps, unless you can stuff it into the main part of the bag.
  • No hard frame.

The reason the Venture Pal doesn’t have these extra features is that it is a day bag or a backpack for short trips. Of course, you can pack it for more than one day but don’t overload your bag with more than the recommended weight.

There are many other lightweight day bags that are cheaper to buy, such as the Roam. What you will find though is that the Venture Pal holds more in total capacity. It also has extra padding in the straps and provides you with that added sternum chest strap; all the features the cheaper versions will not include.


This is an awesome day backpack and to see how to fold it, have a look at this first-class YouTube video:

Essentials for Packing

Venture Pal Backpack Inside

So, what to pack? Here are a few recommended items to take along on any short journey. They will easily fit into the Venture Pal backpack and more besides:

  • Cellphone. You don’t need an extra camera because your means of contact doubles up as your means of taking memorable pictures too. Pack your charger in case you’re trip takes longer and you need to recharge.
  • Kindle. So much lighter than carrying books and you can download as many books as you need so you can read as the mood takes you.
  • Water bottle or hydration bladder, either or both will fit in your new Venture Pal.
  • Snacks or packed lunch box.
  • Be prepared for all weathers: pack both a lightweight rain jacket and sunscreen lotion along with a sunhat. You can always use the rain jacket to sit on when you have lunch.
  • Might as well take the sunglasses too and any reading or distance glasses that you need.
  • Bug repellent and a basic first aid kit. This could consist of a miniature bottle of hand sanitizer, a few plasters, small scissors, tissues, and any medication you may need for the day. Along with a lip balm in case you get dry on a hike.
  • Local maps, in case your cell phone can’t pick up a signal.
  • Extra socks and a pair of light flip flops or sandals might come in handy, though don’t wear them together!
  • Finally, don’t forget your wallet and cards so you can have a fun time.

There will still be room for so much more in your Venture Pal backpack, so make your own list. To help you, have a look at this travel blog for traveling essentials. If you’re unsure on how to fit everything into your day bag, read this useful article on How to Pack a Day Pack and you’re good to go.

This article was last updated on November 28, 2022 .

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